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Coming Soon: More Ignorance 0

I’ve been organising a longish piece about Jules Bastien-Lepage, which I will post nextish.

Whitney Music Box on 0

(Quote:) A musical realization of the motion graphics of john whitney as described in his book “digital harmony”. Here’s a description. Jim Bumgardner is webmeister for as well as, where you can see image clouds of All the Drums on Amazon, for example: (Cheaper drums on the left).

Andy Warhol’s Early Work 2

(Via GlyphJockey) We all have to start somewhere… And Andy decided to start his artistic career with: The Little Red Hen from The Best in Children’s Books Nelson Doubleday 1958.

The Sound Of Cars Revving Up – Updated 2

Disney have started to move into high gear with the marketing of Pixars “Cars”. Skwigly have some posters for download, and the one above seems to me to be packed with in-jokes. (Someone from Pixar, please correct me.) I see a reference to Carhenge, The Goodyear blimp, and some damn’ fine tyre tracks in the […]

July Films “My Little World” Blog 1

July Films have a production blog for their film “My Little World”, the first full-length traditional animated feature by independent filmmaker Mike Nguyen. (Quote:) “Much of our year 2005 was spent on animation subcontract works for Universal’s Curious George, and have made many new friends along the way. Our focus now has shifted back to […]

Video Artists Petition 0

There’s an online petition in favour of artists self-certifying their video works. The present system demands that all moving pictures that are released to the general public must be certified by the British Board of Film Classification (B.B.F.C.) The petition urges the BBFC to: 1. To establish a system of self-classification for all video works* […]

Solar Power Graphics 0

The Scottish Rite Convention Center, Oakland California, USA This building is now self sufficient in energy thanks to the installation of solar powered photo-voltaic electricity generation from SPG Solar. They have a live graphic that shows exactly how their energy inputs and outputs are working at any time of day. Night time energy consumption. At […]

Fedex Planes Detour Round Memphis Thunderstorms 0

The thunderstorm is the large green cloud, with the violent parts highlighted in red. See the little planes whizz around the big bad cloud! Watch the Google video

From Pencils To Pixels. Tony White. 0

Available on 14th July, 2006 “This book gives today’s digital animators all the lessons they never had-classical animation techniques used by the most original animators of our time.” “Animation from Pencils to Pixels is the most comprehensive book on the principles, processes, and profession of animation ever written. Within the covers of this one book […]

New York Public Library Digital Collections 0

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 1929 Here’s just a tiny sampling of the vast digital collection of the New York Public Library. Here’s the index of all the collections, that range from “Africana & Black History” to “Yiddish Theatre Placards: Buenos Aires and New York”. I was looking through the Asian and Middle Eastern Division, and found […]