The Sound Of Cars Revving Up – Updated

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Disney have started to move into high gear with the marketing of Pixars “Cars”.

Skwigly have some posters for download, and the one above seems to me to be packed with in-jokes.

(Someone from Pixar, please correct me.)

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I see a reference to Carhenge,
The Goodyear blimp, and some damn’ fine tyre tracks in the sky.

Link to Lightyear blimp story

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Who is Flo? and whose initials “RS” are those on the flank of the butte?

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And who is, or are Dinoco?

Answers in the comment box please!

July Films “My Little World” Blog

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July Films have a production blog for their film “My Little World”, the first full-length traditional animated feature by independent filmmaker Mike Nguyen.

(Quote:) “Much of our year 2005 was spent on animation subcontract works for Universal’s Curious George, and have made many new friends along the way. Our focus now has shifted back to our heart-and-soul MY LITTLE WORLD, and aim to complete much of remaining production works in 2006.”

July Films have abandoned the traditional animation production specialisms, and their artists are encouraged to work on all aspects of their scenes.

Mike Nguyen explains:”To achieve its goals with relatively low costs, July relies on a streamline production system, avoiding unnecessary overhead costs by entrusting its power in the individual commitment of its small staff on all aspects of the company.
July recognizes that each team member is an artist in his or her own right, with unique visions and various artistic strengths. Each is fully capable of handling multiple responsibilities such as visual development, story-boarding, layout, and animation performances.
By breaking away from the assembly line management system, work does not become bottlenecked, giving the artists the opportunity to be fully involved at all times.
More importantly, it allows the artists to make substantial contributions, and to grow artistically on equal terms.”.

Here’s some of their delicious concept art:

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Video Artists Petition

There’s an online petition in favour of artists self-certifying their video works.

The present system demands that all moving pictures that are released to the general public must be certified by the British Board of Film Classification (B.B.F.C.)

The petition urges the BBFC to:

1. To establish a system of self-classification for all video works*
2. The creation of logical, legal, evidence based and transparent classification criteria.
3. to provide a creative environment which allows British video artists to compete in the global market.
4. To put an end to the discrimination focused upon artists working in the video medium.

UK law currently prohibits a filmmaker from selling, renting or distributing their work without first seeking classification by the BBFC. Classification is an expensive and time consuming process which is even more burdensome for the independent short film maker, quite often beyond the means of the artist. This process effectively ensures that some video works such as student animation, whose films are only a few minutes long by design, have no chance of reaching their potential audiences. This situation becomes more frustrating for the low budget, independent filmmaker when you consider that similar restrictions are not placed on other forms of expression.

*Video works to be defined as any movie or still image works to be distributed on Tape, DVD, Disc or other digital storage media including linear and non-linear content.

Add your moniker here.

Solar Power Graphics

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The Scottish Rite Convention Center, Oakland California, USA

This building is now self sufficient in energy thanks to the installation of solar powered photo-voltaic electricity generation from SPG Solar.

They have a live graphic that shows exactly how their energy inputs and outputs are working at any time of day.

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Night time energy consumption.

At night the building consumes around 10.9kW drawn straight from the grid. (Time to turn those computers OFF at night!)

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Daytime energy flow.

During the day, the photo voltaic panels produce 87.0 kW, of which the building consumes 32.8kW, and the remainder (54.2kW) is passed back to the grid at a profit.

Photo voltaics (PV in the trade) only need light to work, not necessarily direct sunlight.

From Pencils To Pixels. Tony White.

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Available on 14th July, 2006

“This book gives today’s digital animators all the lessons they never had-classical animation techniques used by the most original animators of our time.”

“Animation from Pencils to Pixels is the most comprehensive book on the principles, processes, and profession of animation ever written. Within the covers of this one book is just about everything required to conceive, produce, direct, animate, assemble, publish, and distribute an animated film.”
Continue reading From Pencils To Pixels. Tony White.

New York Public Library Digital Collections

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia 1929

Here’s just a tiny sampling of the vast digital collection of the New York Public Library.
Here’s the index of all the collections, that range from “Africana & Black History” to “Yiddish Theatre Placards: Buenos Aires and New York”.

I was looking through the Asian and Middle Eastern Division, and found this lot:

thumbnail of Yokohama
Yokohama, 1859. From Views of Japan

thumbnail of Kamakura

thumbnail of Firemen
Firemen with their standard.

thumbnail of Sedan Chair
Norimono, or Sedan Chair.

thumbnail of Groom
Bettoes, or grooms.

thumbnail of Bath time
Bath Time

thumbnail of Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal (I can’t remember in which gallery I found this)

thumbnail of Observatory
Observatory 1927. From Peking The Beautiful.

thumbnail of Ruins of Yüan Ming Yüan
Ruins of Yüan Ming Yüan, or; “A Palace that Has Lost Its Soul”

thumbnail of Temple of the Five Towers
Temple of the Five Towers

thumbnail of The Pan Ch'an Lama Memorial
The Pan Ch’an Lama Memorial

thumbnail of Lama Temple
In the Courts of the Living Buddha.

thumbnail of Marble Boat
A Royal Garden Party at Yi Ho Yüan (Marble Boat, Summer Palace).

thumbnail of Celestial Globe
At the Kuan Hsiang T’ai (Celestial Globe).

thumbnail of Colours
A colour combination chart for layered clothing. from Kokushi daijiten

thumbnail of Oxcarts
An illustration of oxcarts.

thumbnail of Brushes
An illustration of writing brushes.

thumbnail of Pottery
An illustration of pottery

This is the bookmark for the whole New York Public Library collection. Add it to your Visual Research tools!
Happy hunting!