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Willard Wigan, Microsculptor 2

Ship on Grain of Sugar, mounted on Pinhead (Click on thumbnail to enlarge.)(lol) Willard Wigan is a microsculptor whose work is normally only about 0.005mm tall. He discovered his talent at the early age of 5, and nowadays he often takes months to complete one of his sculptures, working between heartbeats to avoid hand tremors. […]

Amnesty International Campaign Graphics 0

Refugees, A Credit To The Country Amnesty International have been going through a revitalisation of their campaign graphics. The work above was produced for the recent Refugee Week campaign, and using a credit card analogy, aimed to educate the British public about the contribution made to Britain by refugees and their descendants. The cards highlight […]

Painters I Should Have Known About (006) William Orpen, part 1 9

Self Portrait in Mirror 1910 (Click on thumbnails to enlarge) To tell the truth, I had heard of William Orpen, but not really opened my eyes to him and his paintiings. He always seemed to me to be somewhere out on the Irish sidelines of all that was exciting in European art early in the […]

Coming Soon – Parading My Ignorance (006) 0

While researching the life and work of the artist featured in this forthcoming post, I unearthed so much interesting material that I’ve decided to deal with him over a few episodes, rather than offer you just the one huge and possibly choking plate full… Coming up soon!

We Will Not Be Silenced 0

We Will Not Be Silenced A powerful synthesis of sounds and graphics, and there’s more on the way. From DJ Paul Edge. A nifty logo, no?

Traintamarre Website 0

Following my post about the “Pyrats” film, another of the teams responsible for the opening shorts at Annecy International Animation Festival has launched a website. Béatrice Bourloton, Sébastien Piquet, Eléa Gobbe Mevellec, & Benjamin l’Hoste each have their own Making Of movies online, as well as a gallery of pre-production art.

120,000 Cartoons in Cartoon Database (Updated) 2

When they say Cartoon Database, they mean Press Cartoon Database. UPDATE: The Cartoon Database now boasts a new URL ( and a less arid interface. The website itself contains enormous quantities of cartoons, but the clunky (think Old Skool Web “1990′s stylee”) interface makes them difficult to get at. The Search box is only available […]

Rich Beyond The Dreams of Aberystwyth 3

[Quote:] Police have appealed to people to return thousands of pounds which was thrown into the air on a pedestrian crossing in Aberystwyth. Passers-by and motorists rushed to pick up around £5,000 in cash on Monday, seconds after a man was heard to shout: “Who wants free money?” Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that headline!

The Art Of Cars 0

Every animated film deserves a good “making of” book, and Cars is getting a beauty. Michael Howe at writes: Michael Wallis and wife Suzanne Fitzgerald Wallis, authors of numerous books chronicling the history and cultural impact of Route 66, the famed “Mother Road,” The Art of Cars is a tantalizing behind-the-scenes look at the […]

Itchy & Scratchy Collection 0

“grissom” has amassed thirty Itchy and Scratchy episodes for your pleasure. (In .avi format) They are a bit gory for the littl’uns, so point them to the collection of couch gags instead!