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Painters I should have known about (006) William Orpen part 2 10

I hope you got a good feeling about William Orpen, (the man), as well as Orpen (the painter) from my previous post about Orpen and his series of intriguing self portraits here, because now we are going to study: Orpen and his Women! Despite his lack of self confidence regarding his looks, Orpen was able […]

The Web 10 Years Ago 0

Someone describing themselves as eKarjala has put together an amusing and eye-watering snapshot of the web ten years ago. Funny.

Chris Appelhans 0

Monster House Concept Painting Chris Appelhans of Froghat Studio has posted some of the amazing work he has done for Monster House which will be released in the UK from 11th of August. Monster House Concept Painting Monster House Concept Painting Monster House Concept Painting Monster House Concept Painting Monster House Characters Concept Painting Have […]

Johannes Itten’s Colour Theory 2

The basic colour wheel “Colour, Contrast and Dimension in News Design” is, by web standards at least, an ancient website, but is still as relevant today as on the day it was first published in 2001. It’s an interactive version of a book on designing for print. As one of the authors, Pegie Stark Adam […]

Jon Stewart on top form 0

You might remember Jon Stewart as the host of this year’s Oscars ceremonies. frequently shows clips of Jon Stewart doing his day job at The Daily Show, and this particular post shows Jon ripping apart the Bush hypocrisy on stem cell research. Brilliant. UK comedy fans might be interested to know that the lugubrious […]

Studio Mattei 0

This must surely be one of the biggest painting studios in the world, but the pride and reputation of the artists who work there is not just based on the gigantic scale of their work, but in their formidable craft tradition and artistic achievement. The Mattei Srl Studio, Rome, Italy (Click on the thumbnail for […]

“Do you have to use so many cuss words?” 0

The short version of The Big Lebowski, leaving out all the dialogue except for the phrase above, and one other word. (NSFW) Watch.

Fan Ho 0

Line and Shadow 1953 Windows and Shadows 1952 Amazing photos by Fan Ho

More Gobelins Students Websites. 0

Sebastien Cocotte Minute The teams responsible for 2 of the shorts featured at the Annecy International Animation Festival have now published their websites. All the Gobelins students’ Annecy films are now on the web.

Oxford Botanic Garden 3

Heliconia spp. I spent some time in Oxford last weekend at a family wedding, and on Sunday visited the Oxford Botanic Garden. This is strictly a teaching garden, yet it still manages to combine beauty with academic presentation. Leaf Scars Cannabis sativa This is the hemp plant, now being grown again in the UK as […]