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Concept Art For “Flushed Away” 2

Interior, Kensington apartment (Surely some mistake in the mirror reflections and the light on the floor here?) The Animation World Network (AWN) and Dreamworks have teamed up to make a microsite for the release of Aardman’s “Flushed Away”. There are articles, interviews, trailers and photos and “featurettes” on the site. I’d like to focus here […]

Mind Your Eyeballs, It’s Autumn 0

Just Peachy‘s photos of a Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Just Peachy says: Portland’s Japanese Garden is located in Washington Park, at the western edge of downtown. It is a beautiful and tranquil place encompassing five different garden areas that include ponds, streams, waterfalls, sand, stones, trees, and flowers. Famously, when Nobuo Matsunaga, Ambassador from […]

Minuscule Website Goes Live Today. 3

The official Minuscule website has now been launched. You might remember my post about Minuscule in early September. Although I have only seen the first teaser episode, I’m already a big fan of the show. What makes it so appealing for me must be the mix of :- anarchic characters who have not been over […]

Daniel Cacouault Website Updated 0

I don’t know how many visitors follow the links in the left sidebar, but I hope that if you do click on them, you find my recommendations worthwhile. I check them once in a while for linkrot, etc., and I’m really chuffed when I find one of the static websites has updated. This time it’s […]

Painters I Should Have Known About (007) Jacques Majorelle 21

Louis Majorelle by Jacques Majorelle, 1908 It’s difficult, if not impossible, to fathom the reasons why one hasn’t heard of an artist who might be well known by other people. In the case of Jacques Majorelle, I guess that my reason for not knowing him is that the majority of information about him is in […]

A Panoply of Pantone Patches 2

“Everything has a Pantone colour – I’s just a matter of finding it” 1535 U This looks like a good game when you have time to kill waiting for a meeting, and you don’t mind ripping your extremely costly Pantone swatches to bits. Link to Flickr set, “Pantone matching”.

Some More of My Ignorance Will Be On Display Here Soon…. 3

As I share my discovery of a painter I really ought to have heard of, but I had to wait for the arrival of the internet to discover…. Clue = Blue

Cartoon Network Starting a Development Studio in London 13

Here’s the announcement: [Quote:] Storyboard Artists/Character Designers There’s now a brand new creative powerhouse opening right in the heart of Soho – Cartoon Network Europe’s very own development studio. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a small team responsible for developing the hit shows of the future. With the focus on storyboard-driven […]

Banksy starts to rake it in. 2

The five works that Banksy had on sale at Sotheby’s two days ago all achieved prices two to four times their estimates. Kate Moss 6 colour screen prints, 2005 Estimate: £10 – 15,000. Hammer price: £50,400 Andy would have loved it! Link to Banksy at Sotheby’s. Update: Image no longer visible on the Sotheby’s site […]

Urbicande, The Obscure Cities 4

Urbicande is a series of BD graphic novels published by Casterman Illustrated by Belgians Francois Schuiten and written by Benoit Peeters, the 22 volumes in the series have built up an imaginary mysterious world since the first book’s appearance in 1982. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge the images) Because the series constructs an enigma wrapped […]