Daniel Cacouault Website Updated

I don’t know how many visitors follow the links in the left sidebar, but I hope that if you do click on them, you find my recommendations worthwhile.

I check them once in a while for linkrot, etc., and I’m really chuffed when I find one of the static websites has updated.

This time it’s Daniel Cacouault (pronounced Ca-Coo-Oh) who has updated his site.

Here are some beautiful visuals done for Gorillaz:

thumbnail of title
Gorillaz Windmill Island

thumbnail of title
Gorillaz Cloudscape

(I can’t provide direct links to these pages because the site uses frames.)

I guess this one is for a commercial:

thumbnail of title

An acrylic concept sketch:

thumbnail of title

A watercolour:

thumbnail of title
Pink – Blue

From a TV commercial:

thumbnail of title
Daewoo #8

thumbnail of title
Puss In Boots

You’ll probably want to look at everything on Daniel’s site. Take your time, it’s gorgeous work, all of it.

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