Monthly Archives: November 2006

John Cerney and his Gigantic Paintings 3

Giant Baby With Tractors 1998 (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge) (This painting was 20 feet tall and located in Goodyear, Arizona, about 10 miles West of Phoenix on Highway 10. It was commissioned by the Duncan Family Farms as a ‘marker’ for travellers to spot before taking the next exit to their educational farm […]

Alban The Elephant 2

Alban the Elephant is a hilarious semi animated / semi strip cartoon by Laurent Larapidie, AKA Mister Pili. Mister Pili, a veteran 3D designer, lead artist and instructor for games, illustration and commercials, has been developing his own stories in 2D. Using Flash and Painter, he has crafted seven episodes (so far) of Alban The […]

Do We Feel Safer Yet? 0

[Quote:] Last week, an EU-funded body entitled the Future of Identity in the Information Society (Fidis) issued a declaration on machine-readable travel documents such as RFID-chipped passports and ID cards. It said the technology was “poorly conceived” and added: “European governments have effectively forced citizens to adopt new … documents which dramatically decrease their security […]

I Think I’ve Seen This Somewhere Before… 0

I ran across this the other day. Don’t ask how, I was looking for something quite other. Whenever I unexpectedly see my own work out there on the net, I always react with a mixture of pleasure at someone else’s valuing my work enough to use it on their blog or website, and a mild […]

At It Again: Banksy’s Adventures in New York 0

(Click the thumbnails to enlarge) Planted in the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday 18th November by Banksy. The painting in situ. Glued to the wall of the Metropolitain Museum. The painting in situ. I have no idea what the New Yorkers made of this essentially British iconic graphic, slapped on the wall of MOMA. (It took […]

If You Live In The United KIngdom, Please Sign This Petition 0

Somewhat amazingly, the UK Government have set up a petitions website so that members of the public can bring matters of concern direct to the Prime Ministers Office. This is in beta at the moment. At the time of writing, the most popular of the many petitions is: 1) Repeal the Hunting Act, 2004, and […]

Pete Nidzgorski & Open Source Storage 0

Looking at my WordPress dashboard recently I found that Pete Nidzgorski was linking in. What immediately struck me about his website was the super cool and ultra restrained intro. On top of that there’s a wicked selection of mp3s for your downloading pleasure. The more you dig around the site, the more sounds you […]

The Mystery Baby 2

Remember a portrait of an impish little baby I posted a while ago? Here’s a reminder: (Click the thumbnails to enlarge). That painting was not done from life, but from this photograph below: I admit that the picture doesn’t really enlighten you much as to who its subject is. Have a look at this next […]

Some Bamboo Drawings, 20 Years On 8

Arundinaria tessellata Artwork It occurred to me recently that it is now 20 years since I founded the Bamboo Network, that evolved into The Bamboo Society which is still going strong. At about the same time, I also started a specialist nursery called Jungle Giants. Part of the marketing emphasis of Jungle Giants was the […]

Simpsons Movie Trailer Is Up 0

Click thumbnail to Embiggen Here’s the link to the trailer on Apple’s site. There are teasers here (not working at present), and HD versions here. (working) A nice side swipe at the sameyness of 3D features!