Monthly Archives: January 2007

Dynamo 2

Three sudents, Fabrice Le Nezet, Matthieu Goutte, and Benjamin Mousquet from Supinfocom, the animation school in Valenciennes, France, produced this whacky six minute film about two small characters working in different directions to make their tiny planet rotate. This rotation works just like a dynamo to illuminate their little world. One day, however, the system […]

Cinderella 3 screengrabs 6

Disney DVD Home seem to have taken a hint from the YouTube model of film distribution, and released an 8 minute excerpt of the forthcoming Cinderella 3. Commentators on the Animation Nation Bulletin Board, who are not known for their automatic worshipping of all things Disney, have given the release a cautious thumbs up, at […]

Jonathan Byrd: This Is The New That 0

I just happened to catch this song while doing the washing up after supper. (What busy lives we artists lead). Now I don’t normally listen to Bob Harris’ show on Radio 2 because it tends to be a bit sleepymaking, but I must confess that I will do anything to not listen to the Archers […]

A bit of maintenance work to do… 0

Your browsing might be interrupted. WordPress version 2.1 “Ella” has been released at last, and it’s upgrade time. Here we go. Step 1, back up everything…. ………..And it’s a good thing I did because all did not go (ahem) smoothly. I’ll give it another go tomorrow when I’m not tired and stupid. OK All done […]

A Morphable Model for the Synthesis of 3D Faces 2

This will give you an involuntary shudder sometime during its 5 minutes 15 seconds running time. Probably at the end. From Volker Blanz and Thomas Vetter. This video has been doing the rounds since it was presented at Siggraph in 1999. (It must be the YouTube effect). It still makes compelling viewing.

The Hurricane Tree 2

This is an amazing shot by Jocke Berglund of Sweden that has just won him a prize in the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition. The Hurricane Tree Sweden 2005 (Click thumbnail to enlarge) When Hurricane Gudrun thundered across southern Sweden in January 2005, it left around 100,000 people isolated and without […]

Under Construction… 0

Here’s a picture of a holding page I just designed for a local company called Stuffins. And here’s the real thing. It makes me feel quite peckish….

Giveaway of the day 1

Here’s a nice idea: A website that offers you a free software program every day. No strings attached. Here’s what the publishers have to say: The idea behind this initiative is that many sites and publishers offer trial downloads; but only we offer giveaway downloads. What does that mean? Basically, every day we nominate one […]

12 Months Smoke Free 2

It’s been a whole year today. Yippee! (Update) It’s especially gladdening to know that not only am I free from the grip of tobacco, but also free from the grasp of the scheming mendacious bastards who run the tobacco corporations. If you work in a firm or a company in the UK, you might want […]

Minuscule mise-a-jour. The Caterpillar And The Snails 0

Have a look at “Wasp Belle” while you’re in the Minuscule Mood. UPDATE again. It looks as if someone has figured out how to read French, and they’ve pulled all the Minuscule shorts off YouTube. In my opinion, this is a short sighted move. How better to promote a 74 episode season than by showing […]