Monthly Archives: February 2007

What Google Has Up Its Sleeve 0

A few days ago, I was in a small lecture room at Ravensbourne College talking with some 3rd year students about business models in the animation industry, and how they affect the commissioning process for animated television series. We looked at the difficult challenges facing entrepreneurial animators who want to promote and sell their projects […]

The Last Word on Peter Ellenshaw 0

The BBC Radio 4 weekly obituary programme, The Last Word, aired a 5 minute tribute to the late visual effects artist Peter Ellenshaw today. (Click to enlarge) Born in Essex, he (Ellenshaw) worked as a mechanic and painted as a hobby before going on to train as a matte artist – a special effects technique […]

Mike Nguyen 0

Way back in May of last year, I wrote a short post about July Films, and their feature film “My Little World”, directed by Mike Nguyen. New Blog. Mike writes: “i’ve just made a new personal website where i can speak my mind on all things random toward life and art from my perspective…” From […]

Spider and Fly on a Picnic 0

Today is John Frum Day 0

On 15 February, 1957, an American flag was raised in Sulphur Bay to declare the religion of John Frum. Sidle over to the BBC’s excellent Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy website (H2G2) and read why this is such a special day. What is not mentioned on the page is the origin of John Frum’s name. […]

L’Âge D’Or 1

It’s always a pleasure to walk towards my studio. Often the nearby bamboos will project a shimmering, almost three dimensional lightshow onto the large door. Shadow Play I make an effort to concentrate on the flickering patterns dancing in front of me. It’s not enough to merely see these things. We have to look. To […]

Luc Desmarchelier 0

Great news! At last my friend and colleague Luc Desmarchelier has launched his own blog. Actually, he’s already been at it for a couple of months now, but since he posted a comment about it here a couple of days back, I feel it’s fine to announce it to the rest of the world. (Click […]

Golden Hour at Gatton Park 4

We went for a walk this evening to Gatton Park, Surrey, RH2 0TD ( 51Â °15’36.86″N 0Â °10’27.73″W) arriving late, but perfectly on time for golden hour. This garden has been resurrected and restored in the grounds of Gatton Park, which used to be the home of Jeremiah Colman, the Mustard Magnate, who I wrote […]

The Rat Magically Reappears 2

TADAAAH! UPDATE 2 He’s reappeared on YouTube! It looks as if this is an officialy approved release this time, so it might just stay up. There’s a link to the trailer website in the profile of the poster, Ratatouillemovie. UPDATE! It looks as if the rat has magically disappeared! I hope you had the chance […]