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Abelardo Morell and his Camera Obscuras 2

“For the last 15 years, Abelardo Morell has been quietly building one of the great ongoing photography projects – a view of the world through rooms that have been turned into camera obscuras.” This is such a stoned idea – (Click to enlarge) Central Park looking Northwest, New York City, 1999. Uffizi Museum Windows, Florence, […]

Russell Brookes’ spot for the NSPCC 2

I’m not sure when this film dates from*, but Russell Brooke’s animated film for the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) is a harrowing 30 seconds experience. It’s a powerful piece that uses cartoon imagery to describe a most unfunny situation. You can find the 30 second spot on the Passion […]

Schwa 0

A schwa is apparently the commonest vowel sound in the English language. Incredible. That last vowel sound in the word “incredible” is a schwa.

What’s Wrong With This Picture? 9

(Click to enlarge)-(and no stupid puns intended.) I found this arresting image on the amazing Dutch Circus Museum website a while ago. It dates from the 1920′s, I think. (CAUTION! When you follow that link you will immediately be subjected to irritating and loud announcements in Dutch. There’s a button at top right that turns […]

The Spider And The Zeppelin 2

This is a slightly calmer and gentler story from the Minuscule crew. That doesn’t mean it isn’t crazy and completely branché, however! It’s called “Zzeplin” (Click to enlarge, please.) P.S. If this disappears, and I’m looking the other way and fail to notice, please get in touch by using the Contact Form in my “About” […]

What’s The Worst Job You Ever Had? 1

I’m sure you must have had a job (or even two) in your career that was just so unremittingly tedious, and / or badly paid that it now demarcates and defines the outer edge of your professional experience. When I saw this photoset on Flickr the other day, my first reaction was to shudder at […]

Dreamworks Shifting To Stereoscopic 3D Production 0

Earlier this week, Dreamworks Animation announced that it will be producing all of its films in stereoscopic 3D technology from now on, and that the first feature to be released will be in 2009. UPDATE. Click this funny looking retro icon to listen to a 6’30″ audio clip (mp3) from the BBC’s “Film Programme” discussing […]

Laputa Flying Sled in 3D 2

Murat Vishnyakov has looked long and hard at the little flying machines featured in Hayao Miyazake’s film, Laputa. And after a long inspection of the 2D craft, Murat decided that what they really needed was to be re-engineered as high resolution3D models. I’ve always liked these strange machines because of their weird design. They seem […]

Rat Trailer 0

(Click to enlarge) Click here to play the 10Mb QuickTime trailer.

Musical Riot 0

I found this wonderful piece of craziness while trawling through Bonham’s catalogue for yesterday’s entry about Stanhope Forbes’ painting:- The Quarry Team. I’d never heard of John Bulloch Souter (1890-1972) before, but he obviously painted with gusto and immense enjoyment while doing it!. (Click to enlarge) There’s prodigious quantities of life drawing feeding into this […]