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Earlier Today 0

The 100,000th visitor arrived, spent a few minutes reading, and moved on. (Screengrab of visitor 100K) I feel as if I ought to send a prize to whoever it was that was browsing around here at 20:48 p.m. and triggered the counter to roll over into six figures. But I guess I’ll never know. And […]

Visual Echoes 1

I’m not really attracted to cars. I’m very much in the Cars-are-there-to-get-you-from-A-to-B camp. I leave my car in the gutter for long periods without giving it a thought. I make an effort to not use the car, and go by train or bike whenever possible. Or just walk. When last summer’s drought order forbidding the […]

Caught In The Dragnet 0

So often, while doing visual research for a job, I’ll be brought to a screeching halt by pictures that, while tangenital to my immediate search, are arresting enough to make me stop and make notes before resuming my searches. Maybe I’m just easily distracted. Maybe there are many more crazy things in the world than […]

Radio Silence Art 0

Stephane Kardos Gerben Steenks Matt Cruikshank “3 Disney Artists” 8th of May to the 2nd of June (I hope that Gerben will have found a way to claim his blog back from MadisonWilson by then.) (1.35Mb download)

Vaguely Familiar Art 0

Neil Ross, Lisa Vallentin, Isabel Radage, Michael Schlingmann, Brendan Amphlett, Glenn Whiting, and Alberto Mialgo. This exhibition opened last night and what looked like half the London animation industry turned up. The show closes on Saturday, so get your skates on if you want to see great works by respected artists working in the London […]

High Art, Low Art. 6

My daughter’s best friend from school, a Russian emigrée, gave me a present today: A small handful of sweets whose wrappers were adorned with a painting by my favourite Russian painter, Ivan Shishkin. The original of “The Morning In The Pine Forest” (УÑ‚рР¾ Ð ² Ñ Ã ¾Ã‘ Ã½Ã ¾Ã ²Ã ¾Ã ¼ Ð […]

Alan Johnston’s captivity stretches into sixth week. 0

BBC correspondent Alan Johnston disappeared on his way home from his Gaza City office nearly six weeks ago on the 12th of March. He is feared to have been kidnapped in the lawless territory, where he was thought to have been the last international correspondent still working. Bizarrely, one of Alan Johnston’s most recent pieces […]

Help Save Net Radio 3

UPDATED. (See the end of this post) I listen to a lot of internet radio while I work, and I often recommend various specialised music channels that I discover to friends according to what I think might be their musical taste. Right now I’m busy painting some BIG backdrops for a show based on Detroit […]

Bill Hicks talks about handguns 3

This little clip was obviously recorded a long time ago (Bill Hicks died in 1994), so the figures he quotes are a little out of date. Nonetheless…. There’s a great page of quotes from Bill Hicks’ stand up routines on his Wikiquote page, should you want a fuller introduction to his humour. His official website […]

The Revolutionary Shock Absorbing Aviation Suit 0

In a last ditch attempt to rescue the family upholstery business from ruin with his new and groundbreaking marketing concept that will “Make the parachute history”, young Gaston de la Vaulx (22) poses in front of his flying machine before the inaugural test flight. (June 1908. Agence France Presse) Before climbing into the specially adapted […]