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Art & Design in The British Film # 7: John Bryan 3

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with the remarkable John Bryan. (1911 – 1969) (Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge them) Blanche Fury 1948 John Bryan’s work shows him to be a designer of the […]

One for Boris Hiestand 3

I’m not completely convinced by the weight of this fellow, are you? Here’s the link to Cube

How to Turn a Single Sheet of Paper Into a Multi Page Notebook 1

I believe I first read about this incredibly useful piece of folded up paper on the 43Folders website a couple of years ago. 43 Folders is a site devoted to Getting Things Done, the David Allen book about `The Art of Stress-Free Productivity´ In essence, it’s a way of using a single sheet of paper […]

Ma Jun – `New China Series´ Works in Porcelain 2

There are some delicious layers of irony permeating the work of Ma Jun. He’s a young artist who was born in 1974 in Quingdao, China, and he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, in 2003. Casting and moulding in porcelain is demanding work, and as far as I can see, Ma Jun […]

Goodbye Tony, and Thanks for Trashing Our Liberties 0

Click to enlarge He left number 10 Downing Street today, for the last time. I heard a BBC radio report that people actually cried. And they were government ministers! They must know that something even worse is coming. Gulp. The film `Taking Liberties´ was released here in the UK a couple of weeks ago. There’s […]

Daniel Cacouault’s Exhibition: The Story of Bluebeard 0

Wahey! Daniel’s private view is on Tuesday the 26th of June at the 3B Gallery, 92 Rue St Martin, Paris 75004. (France) Nearest Metro: Hôtel de Ville or Châtelet. I’m not sure how long the exhibition lasts, there doesn’t seem to be a weblink to the gallery. UPDATE: Meanwhile, here’s an invitation for you to […]

3 More Gobelins students’ Anneçy shorts (Updated) 0

Each day of the Anneçy Animated Film Festival, a new pre-screening short made by groups of students from the Gobelins school is released. Here are the three latest shorts: `Keep Walking´ by Carlo Vogele, Antonin Herveet, Sophia Chevrier, Cécile Francoia, and Leah Ordonia (Link) `Anima Facta Est´ by Lucie Arnissolle, Maël Gourmelen, Léah F. Ordonia, […]

Art & Design in The British Film # 6: Ralph Brinton 11

This is the sixth chapter in the ongoing series about Art Directors and Production Designers in British Film up to 1948, and the featured artist in this excerpt from the book is Ralph Brinton (1895 – 1975) “In its widest sense I would say that my favourite medium as a designer is the moving picture […]

`La Grande Arche´- Gobelins students’ Anneçy short (Updated) 1

The poster for the 2007 Anneçy International Animated Film Festival (FIFA) Groups of students at the Gobelins school in Paris produce short films for the Anneçy Animated Film Festival as part of their final year film projects. These short animated films are used as interstitials in between the major programmed screenings in the festival, and […]

Good Evening from Isaac Levitan (Updated) 13

The Watermill, Sunset, 1880 (Click the pic) This beautiful painting by Isaac Levitan broke surface at Sotheby’s recently and accrued a bit more value. Over half a million quid, actually. The illumination by slanting afternoon or early evening light is a motif that Levitan often employs for its wistful, melancholic qualities. At this time in […]