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Marcus Brigstocke on The Now Show: “Be Quiet!” 2

Click on the sound icon below to listen to a stellar rant from Marcus Brigstocke (from the Now Show) against fundamentalists of all kinds, as he begs them to shut the hell up. Laugh? I nearly passed my mint imperials round.

Marc Dennis 0

(Click thumbnails to enlarge them.) New York painter Marc Dennis stretches botanical Latin to breaking point, while producing some beautifully witty paintings. His work is highly skilled and hugely enjoyable. I particularly like the subtle references to Looney Tunes characters in his series of flower paintings. Hybrid # 16, Florigium Loonus Toonus # 2 Hybrid […]

Art & Design in The British Film # 8 Edward Carrick 1

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with Edward Carrick, (1905 – 1998) who said: “I believe that the film in the hands of the artist could be the greatest medium of expression of all time”. ( […]

How to Install WordPress in Your Own Web Space – Video 6

If you are installing WordPress for the first time, and all you’ve known about website design so far has been based on Dreamweaver and HTML, then it might seem a bit strange, or even daunting, when the time comes to get WordPress up and running on your site. Show In A Box have made a […]

Painters I Should Have Known About (009) Santiago Rusiňol, Part 1 5

I posted a teaser question about this mystery painter way back in March. I really didn’t imagine that it would be quite so long before you’d see the answer to my question: The painter was Santiago Rusiňol i Prats, to give him his full title. I’ve unearthed so much material about Rusiňol, that I’m going […]

Site Maintenance This Weekend – Slight Pause During Upgrade 0

I’ll be upgrading my web hosting over the weekend, so there might be an interruption of service. I hope it all goes as smoothly as 1 and 1 predict. The good news is that I’ll have the use of a second MySQL database. (Later) That all seemed to go very smoothly. Congratulations to the team […]

Does Bambu Love You, Too? 7

Have you ever had one of these fivers slipped to you in your change? Or are you the person who stamps `Bambu Loves You´ on passing banknotes? Given my past, I got a sort of chill when I received this five pound note. It reminded me of the Zahir.

Coming Soon – Parading My Ignorance (009) 4

(Click to enlarge) The artist who painted this picture will be featured in a post (or two) in the next couple of days. Up until March of this year I was completely ignorant of him and his work.

One for Luc Desmarchelier 3

(Cliquez l’image minuscule pour l’agrandir) There’s a less scabrous version here, albeit with terrible pincushion distortion. Rummaging around on the Onslow auction site for some posters by Eric Kennington, I came across this little gem by a French poster artist that I’d never heard of before; Jean d’Ylen. Socks were blown off. Have a look […]

Fantasy / Reality Barrier Leaking Again 0

The fragile borderline between fantasy and reality suffered another major rupture yesterday as a sizeable chunk of the totally fictitious town of Springfield surfaced in downtown Burbank. Where once had stood a perfectly normal 7-11 store, there’s now a Kwik-E-Mart. The detail on the fascia board looks very, er, realistic. (Click to enlarge) Genuine Springfield […]