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Branislav Perkovic – Art Director & Concept Designer 0

Clive Powsey wised me up to Branislav’s work through the comments form here. Although uncredited by IMDB, Branislav was responsible for some of the lovely production designs for the recently released European film, Nocturno. (See my earlier post here.) Click on the image to enlarge it. Veuillez cliquer pour agrandir l’image Some fine work on […]

ColourCountry 2

This is one of the oddest websites I have seen in a while. I cannot remember what I was researching when I found it. All I know is that I was held entranced in its soft and quirky grip for a time that seemed to last for ages, but in reality was probably very short. […]

Some Kimono Fabrics 1

While doing some visual research for an ongoing project, I came across this beautiful group of textile print designs from a photo set on Flickr. Here’s the Flickr set it forms part of – There’s a blog called Teatime, that is linked to the set … … that contains some very lovely vintage illustrations of […]

Bibliodyssey In Print 0

If you ever take your mouse for a walk over the blogroll links at the top left of this page, you will meet the link for Bibliodyssey, which is an extraordinary treasure trove of printed illustrative material, assembled for your delight by PK, (also yclept peacay), and occasionally known as Paul K. The good news […]

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart now available for download. 0

I’m delighted when One Good Move (In the Blogroll sidebar ) posts a Daily Show clip, because it almost always guarantees a wickedly mordant take on the idiotic goings on in American politics. You might remember Jon Stewart as the compêre of last year’s Oscars ceremony. He is the 180 degree opposite of the archetypical […]

Myoung Ho Lee. Recontextualising Nature 6

There’s something truly inspired in Myoung Ho Lee’s work. (Click the images to enlarge them) He painstakingly erects gigantic white backdrops behind specimen trees and then photographs them, so as to disassociate the subjects from their contexts. Erecting the backdrop using cherry pickers. This image contains some intricate layers of meaning, especially when you figure […]

Alan Coren R.I.P. 0

Alan Coren has delivered his last punchline. Clip 1 Clip 2 Alan Coren liked to tell the story of how he had been invited to lunch at Buckingham Palace. He was late, and was stopped by a policeman for speeding. “You’re not going to believe this, officer,” he said, “but I am going to lunch […]

Dick Detzner – It Is Written 1

(Click the small image to make it bigger!) All the paintings in the series “It Is Written” are accompanied by a fun filled biblical text that provides extra contextual material. Here’s the link to his website. Do take the time to find his work called “The Last Pancake Breakfast”, it caused a brouhaha.>>

One For Miss Hathorn 3

Convoy From the often brilliant series, “Minuscule“, which for some strange reason is not for sale on DVD in the UK. Miss Hathorn’s excellent blog, MustardPlaster is in the blogroll – Ah well…. Enjoy the YouTube version.

Nocturna Meets The Light Of Day 3

Do please click the little thumbnails so as to see large versions of the pictures. The long awaited animated feature Nocturna, from Animakids and Filmax, has had its debût in Spain this weekend, and cinemagoers in France will be able to enjoy it next week. The film boasts some beautiful artwork, especially in the backgrounds […]