Arkhip Kuinji

This is #1 in a seasonal series of landscape paintings featuring snow.

I’m very busy marking student essays and preparing for the Winter festival, while suffering various colds and unexplained fevers, so I thought I’d rummage through my image bin and post a wide selection of snow scenes over the next couple of weeks – interspersed with the sort of material you have come to expect from Articles & Texticles, of course.

First up is this amazing moonlit snowscape by the renowned Russian master of moonlight, Arkhip Kuinji
His name is sometimes anglicised to Kuindzhi, which fact might help you in the google search I hope this post will provoke.

thumbnail of Moonlight In Winter Forest 1878
Moonlight In Winter Forest 1878 – (Please click to enlarge.)

Personally, I enjoy the plastic handling of the paint alongside the sparsity of the detail. If Kuinji did this sketch from life, it’s probable that the temperature did not encourage hanging around fiddling with fussy details. What he leaves out of the picture is working as well as what he left in.

Secondly, I love the positive / negative spaces in this picture, which reinforce Neil Ross‘s dictum that “Under every great painting is an abstract fighting to get out”.

Via George Mitrevski’s Russian Art pages.
More of Kuinji’s work here.

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