Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jose Maria Cao – Caricaturist 5

Guillermo White in “Caras y Caretas” 1906 (Click the pictures to enlarge them, please.) A brief bio of Seňor Cao reveals that he was born in the North-East of Spain (Galicia) in December 1862. He showed a precocious talent for drawing, and from a very early age put his artistic talents to use in a […]

Günther Reindorff & Villu Toots 3

Evening Landscape, Günther Reindorff, 1944 (Clickety, clickety to make it biggety!) I think I came across this beautfully wistful mezzotint on Bukowski‘s auction website. I can’t be precise because I was not using the researcher’s friend, ClipCache Pro at the time. Google didn’t yield much on this Estonian artist apart from some rather badly scanned […]

Airborne Paper Castles 1

Ruminating about the utter madness of making animated films the other day, a vision featuring a meeting of two people in a screening room flitted through my mind, and in this fantasy, person A showed person B a feature length live action film, and, after the credits had finished sliding up the screen, turned to […]

How Do You Like Your Tea? 1

If you’re working in a studio situation and someone asks you how you like your tea, this mug makes it easier for the final result to be pretty close to the colour you want. You might get a more accurate result if you used Pantone colours, of course, but then you’d need to supply a […]

Stephen Hanson Rides Again 0

I’m delighted to include Stephen Hanson’s name in the blogroll once more, since he recently resurfaced on his old blog address. Moon Jelly (Click on these pictures to enlarge them, please.) His blog is chock full of the goodness you’ll remember from its previous incarnation before its disappearance. Catch Me If You Can Poker Club […]

Hans Bacher, Typographer 4

“Architec” Typeface. (Bigger versions of these pictures are available when you click on the thumbnails) It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but Hans Bacher has turned his hand to producing a few typefaces in his time. “Tuscany” Typeface. When I saw these faces, I had a sort of “Aha!” moment, which was rapidly supplanted […]

Nautilus House, Naucalpan, Mexico 2

(Click to enlarge the small pictures, please.) “The metaphor was to feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister. This home social life flows inside the Nautilus without any division, a harmonic area in three dimensions […]

Downcast Our Podload 0

One of my favourite radio programmes is Professor Laurie Taylor‘s “Thinking Allowed“. This week’s programme included an unusual invitation. (Click the arrowhead below and listen carefully.) 30secs.

Jeff Healey R.I.P. 2

The retinoblastoma that robbed him of his eyesight when he was a very small child, extinguished his brilliant life today. Here’s an amazing clip of him playing Look At Little Sister, with the man who composed it, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. Sorry about the quality of the sound, it was taped from a one […]

Database Server Falls Over – Not Many Hurt 7

Apologies for the absence of Articles & Texticles yesterday, my web hosting company ( were doing something unspeakable to the MySQL database servers and it took this site down for a few hours. I’m always a bit suspicious when I see the visitor stats crash down to almost nothing… (Click to enlarge) Fortunately there is […]