Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dilbert, the simple way. 0

Your regular dose of Dilbert has now been polluted. Perhaps I’m prejudiced about the new look site. Maybe you actually like Flash(tm)? Maybe you’d prefer to see Dilbert simple and uncluttered. Yes? No? You’re the consumer. You decide. Meanwhile – A novelty on the new site is Animated Dilbert. (s’funny, I always saw him as […]

Teun Hocks 0

Dutch artist Teun Hocks doesn’t cut corners. His striking images are carefully created using brushes and camera. No digital montage tricks: Hocks hand paints backdrops on which he then photographs himself in bizarre poses. His work exhibits a delightful sense of silliness. (Click to make bigger). Untitled His work has a whiff of Réné Magritte, […]

Bjork’s Wanderlust Video 2

The video is a big (150Mb Quicktime) download, but it is one of the most quirky promos you will have seen for a long time, so kick aside a little space on your hard drive and enjoy this. The promo was created by Encyclopedia Pictura (Lots of annoying Flash and pop-ups) and produced by Ghost […]

Art & Design in The British Film # 17 Vincent Korda 0

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with Vincent Korda. (1897 – 1979) (Korda was responsible for the art direction of many UK made films, as well as international productions, and among his many credits are The […]

Oy Vey! Enough With The SPAM, Already! 3

One of the most bizarre benefits of having a googlemail account is that all my e-mail spam is in Hebrew. (Click the thumbnail pictures to enlarge them, please) (Fnarr Fnarr) I have no idea why this might be, and if anybody can explain it to me, I’d be delighted to hear the reason for it. […]

Jason Seiler – Illustrator & Caricaturist 3

(Click these pictures to enlarge them, please) Senator Barack Obama painted for The Chicago Magazine – October 2007 Senator Hillary Clinton, for The Weekly Standard A self promotion piece. The expression on Bush’s face is perfect. As well as his published illustration, Jason also works as an online tutor at You don’t have to […]

Countryman’s Cooking – W.M.W.Fowler’s Cookery for Men 10

The forthright and wildly eccentric musings on food and its preparation written by an RAF bomber pilot who returned from prison camp after WW2 to his bleak homeland where rationing and a long tradition of terrible cuisine frustrated his yearning for a decent meal. Leslie Phillips reads from WMW Fowler’s definitive cookery manual for men. […]

Tilt – Statebook 0

Tilt is a new topical comedy programme fom BBC Radio 7, and one of its first episodes deals with the question: Why does the government need to issue ID cards when we have Facebook? This short sketch is called “StateBook”. Read more about the tem >>

The Adam and Ron Show 0

Artists Ron English and Adam Neate will share more than their ideology in an upcoming two man show at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms (London) in May. (Please click the small images to enlarge them) Press it. You know you want to…. (Thanks Damien, Thanks Edward.) The two images above are the work of the […]