Bjork’s Wanderlust Video

The video is a big (150Mb Quicktime) download, but it is one of the most quirky promos you will have seen for a long time, so kick aside a little space on your hard drive and enjoy this.

thumbnail of Wanderlust promo

The promo was created by Encyclopedia Pictura (Lots of annoying Flash and pop-ups) and produced by Ghost Robots.

thumbnail of Wanderlust promo2

The only thing that is real in the whole show is Bjork’s face, hands and feet.
In the next week or so there will be a 3D version of the video. A truly mind boggling concept.

thumbnail of Wanderlust promo3

My personal favourite in this video is the D-I-Y rivergod that looks as if he’s been cobbled together from images found in a Taschen coffee table book. The alpenhorns at the beginning are well worth the download. Just turn your speakers up good and loud! Number 11!

(Via Catsuka)

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  1. @sean hayden: Excellent link there, Sean. Good to see so many modellers so busy!
    (Sorry your comment got held up, it had more than 1 link in it and the software thought you might be trying to slip some spam in the works!)

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