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£25,000 Prize Waiting – Only Figurative Painters Need Apply 0

The Mall Galleries, London, are waiting for the public’s vote in order to decide the winner of The Threadneedle Figurative Painting Prize. From an initial pool of 2,700 entries, 71 pictures have now been selected for final judging, with 7 works shortlisted for the prize. The final decision rests with the public, though, who can […]

The New Sidebar Mini-Gallery 4

If you visit this site regularly, you may no doubt have noticed that the image in the header area is different every time you return. Try pressing Ctrl + F5 (Windows), (or Refresh in Apple Safari) to refresh the page and change to another random header image. The header pictures don’t tell you much about […]

After Waiting 16 Years, I Finally Get Paid. 0

(Click the picture to expand it) Way back in 1992, I worked for a short and enjoyable while in Dublin, painting backgrounds for one of Don Bluth’s animated films called “Thumbelina“. I stayed in Dublin for about three months, having a great time enjoying the craic, working with some great people, and learning the super […]

2 Million Americans Identify Themselves as Artists 0

A report by The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) reveals that there are nearly two million people in the USA who identify themselves as artists. This figure is only just smaller than the US military personnel (2.2m). Artists compose 1.4 percent of the total workforce, and between them, their aggregate earnings per year total […]

Dolores Aguilar: – An Obituary To Die For…. (UPDATED) 2

The kind of feelings expressed in this obituary normally get cloaked in layers of euphemism, but for once a forthright son (daughter?) has decided to sock it to his/her dear departed mother in no uncertain terms. From the Times – Herald ( Serving Solana and Napa Counties since 1875) comes this obloquy to- Dolores Aguilar […]

This Should Have Been Posted Ages Ago…. 1

I don’t know what’s kept me so long. Johnny Kelly‘s short film(04:26) about putting things off until later. I do it. I know a lot of other people do it. In fact there’s one or two people procrastinating right now as they read this post. Get back to work, you slackers!

Staring Out to Sea… 1

But not very far. I could not take my eyes off the distance that the pink reflections travelled away from the mooring buoy. It’s a sort of reflection upon a reflection. Click the picture to make it move. (Requires Quicktime)