Monthly Archives: September 2008

Roadrunner’s Diary 0

Spotted on Tim McSweeny’s blog: “If Only They Kept Diaries” – Roadrunner, by Jeff Steinbrink1 Monday Up early. Ran like hell. No sign of coyote. Ate. Fidgeted. Ran like hell. Tuesday Up early. Ran (speed work). Trompe l’oeil master class, 10 to noon. Meaning to push beyond highway-disappearing-into-tunnel, tried highway-disappearing-into-ballet-class (after Degas). Results unsettling. Light […]

Two Faces of Modernism 5

When you look at the photographs below that show father and children walking together and playing together, it’s almost impossible for us, or them, to imagine people a few hundred kilometres away who wanted to kill them. Those complete strangers who’d never met the father or his children, were plotting to put them to death […]

Hans Bacher’s Latest New Blog (Relaunched) (Again) (Once More) (etc.,) 0

Hans has taken a radical (and timely) step with this new version of his blog. Yes, he’s moved over to using WordPress instead of Blogger, and that means he won’t be penalised as he formerly was for putting tons of images in his posts. The more the merrier, please, Hans! In one of his posts, […]

Second Hand Animation 3

Déja vu, anyone? As well as using live action reference as guides for animation moves, it seems that the Walt Disney Feature Animation artists weren’t above re-using old sequences in new films. A low res mix of two almost identical frames from two different films. A French animation fan has cut together this video with […]

William Wray’s Work for Nickelodeon’s “Mighty B!” 0

William Wray (Ren & Stimpy, etc.,) is showing some of the colour keys he’s painted for The Mighty B!. (Click to enlarge, please) Ten episodes will air over five days, starting on the 8th of September. The backgrounds work is shared with Seonna Hong and Richard Daskas. I like this artwork, but it’s a shame […]