Hans Bacher’s Latest New Blog (Relaunched) (Again) (Once More) (etc.,)

Hans has taken a radical (and timely) step with this new version of his blog. Yes, he’s moved over to using WordPress instead of Blogger, and that means he won’t be penalised as he formerly was for putting tons of images in his posts.

The more the merrier, please, Hans!

thumbnail of Bambi rock #1

thumbnail of Bambi rock #2

In one of his posts, Hans examines the usefulness of dull and muted colours in backgrounds, and analyses these two shots of a rock from Bambi. (Click to enlarge)

That’s one of the things I really like about Hans’s writing; that he can illuminate huge fields of film aesthetics just by concentrating on a couple of rocks. The world in a grain of sand.

His blog has been added to the sidebar blogroll. Again. :)


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