Animated Characters Re-animated

thumbnail of Homer Simpson re-animated
(Click to enlarge ) Homer Simpson re-animated by Pixeloo

It becomes more and more difficult to draw a clear line between animation and reality, especially when artists like Pixeloo keep pushing fantasy figures (like Homer here) back over the fantasy / reality border.
Pixeloo is a Photoshop expert by day, who spends a lot of his leisure time “untooning” cartoon characters.

His re-interpretation of Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is extraordinary –

thumbnail of Jessica Rabbit untooned
Jessica Rabbit untooned by Pixeloo
See how Pixeloo paints her here.

Long time computer games performer, Mario, gets a reality shower in the piece below, and below that there’s a visual comparison of Mario in his low poly guise, and his slightly more lived-in Pixeloo untooned look.

thumbnail of Mario untooned
Mario The Plumber, star of 200+ computer games, looking a little worse for wear.

thumbnail of Mario comparison
Which one is more real?

This last one is truly spooky. Please click the thumbnail image to reveal the full creepiness of Stewie from Family Guy. *shudder*

thumbnail of Stewie

Now, back to reality please.

What Were They Thinking?

Whoever was in charge of page layout at The Independent Magazine last Saturday (18th October), should really have brought this amazing juxtaposition to the editor’s attention before publishing. (Click to enlarge)

thumbnail of Independent magazine spread

Top left shows the long term civil rights activist and member of the House of Representatives, John Lewis, while the right hand page extols the virtues of a Bosch washing machine.


See the higher quality vesion at YouTube here.

‘Vanwege zijn intrigerende vorm, zijn technisch vernuft en de schijnbaar achteloze manier waarop wordt gespeeld met verschillende realiteiten die bovendien op een humoristische manier reflecteren op het medium, heeft de jury besloten de prijs voor de beste NOFF-film 2008 toe te kennen aan NOTEBOEK van Evelien Lohbeck’, aldus de jury.

or, as Babelfish would have it:

‘ Because of its intriguing form, its technical ingeniousness and the seemingly careless way is played with several realities which moreover in a humoristic manner reflect on the medium, has decided the jury know the price for best NOFF-film 2008 to NOTEBOEK of Evelien Lohbeck’ , thus the jury.

(It won the Jury Prize.)

Evelien Lohbeck’s other YouTube videos are here. Her website is here, and here’s a link to the Netherlands Film Festival site.
(Via The Daily Irrelevant)

Dancing In The Aisles

Three little videos that show people 1 dancing2 in the aisles3.
It will be a long time before I can erase the image of the old biddy in the pink cardigan, or the large lady in lime from my mind.

Thanks to Hugo for these gems. Soundtrack is Not Safe For Work. Deffo, as they say.

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  2. Holy Ghost VS Pendulum & MC GQ – Baptazia part 2 []
  3. Holy Ghost VS Andy C & MC GQ – Baptazia NYE 2007 – part 3 []

Art & Design in The British Film #20 C.P.Norman

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published.

This chapter deals with C.P.Norman, also known as Norman Delany.

CP. NORMAN approaches film decor as a scenic artist with the knowledge of the photographer – he is lucky in knowing how far ‘make-believe’ can go before it is detected by the camera and his sketches are painted in the heavy body colour of the scenic artist.

(Please click these thumbnail images to enlarge them.)

thumbnail of The First Gentleman
The First Gentleman 1948 Pen and gouache. Columbia Pictures

thumbnail of Blithe Spirit
Blithe Spirit 1945
Conté and gouache. Cineguild

thumbnail of Another Cynthia
Another Cynthia 1
Gouache. Columbia Pictures

Continue reading reading C.P.Norman’s career synopsis below the fold….

Continue reading Art & Design in The British Film #20 C.P.Norman

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  1. I cannot find any web based reference for this film. Perhaps its name was changed on its eventual release. []

How To Cook Children

A gruesome and grisly recipe book by Martin Howard and Colin Stimpson. Yes that’s the same Colin Stimpson as is featured in the blogroll to the right.
I never realised he had such a morbid streak.

The book contains lots of useful and tasty recipes, including instructions on how to cook Flat Jacks:

thumbnail of Flat Jacks
(Click to enlarge the thumbnail image, please)

The author half of the partnership, Martin Howard, has collected recipes from some of the world’s wickedest witches to make this sumptious smorgasbord of toothsome tots.

Esmelia Sniff, below, is described as

The greatest witch what ever lived. Unlike all the other useless old bags in this book she is a decent, proper witch who likes a good cackle, mumbling over her cauldron and widdling in her drawers…. …Her greatest ambition is to stuff that Harry potter in a nice pie.

thumbnail of Esmelia Sniff
Esmelia Sniff

thumbnail of LaTrina Skidmark
LaTrina Skidmark, creator of the unforgettable fast food snack called “Deepfried Small Fry with Fries” Yum. (Click her picture to make her much bigger. If you dare)

thumbnail of Maman Bumbumbaya
Maman Bumbumbaya (left), who contributed the recipe for Cajun Cherub Gumbo.

thumbnail of Mad Elaine de la Moustache
Mad Elaine de la Moustache, who cooks Enfant aux Escargots et Grenouilles in ze French style contributed this recipe…. The frog does not seem to be taking this at all well. (Click him to see why).

thumbnail of Kate and Sidney Pie
Janie Groviller’s crowning contribution was this oh-so-tasty Kate and Sidney Pie. (Click to reveal).

Janie (below) remembers she has left somebody in the oven…

thumbnail of Janie Groviller

“How to Cook Children” is no featherweight book, either. It runs to nearly eighty pages, with Colin Stimpson’s witty illustrations on every spread.
The back of the book contains a delightful Yellow pages style listing of the witches’ restaurants. A guide to the coven’s ovens, as it were.

thumbnail of Restaurant Index
(Click to enlarge supersize image)

This ghoulish goulash of a book seems to be ideal bedtime reading that’ll scare the sage and onion stuffing out of your children at Hallowe’en.

See the review of Colin’s previous book “The Poison Diaries” in Articles and Texticles here.
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