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Frank Zappa’s Mum and Dad 1

Yes, even “Uncle” Frank had parents, but what Francis and Rosemary thought of his purple home décor was not recorded by the Life photographer, John Olson, back in 1970 when this photo was taken. (Click this small picture to reveal the whole purple gloriousness of Franks lounge area) This image is another treasure released from […]

David Macdonald – Illusions and Illustrations 2

David Macdonald got in touch recently to discuss developments in Satori FilmFX, the film painting software that we both use. He added a link to his personal Photoshop illustration work that shows some amazing illusionistic work. (Click this thumbnail to reveal the whole picture, please) The Terrace (Click to reveal the whole BIG picture) Peregrination […]

Art & Design in The British Film #21 Peter Proud 2

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with Peter Proud. When he was 15, his money was finished and he left school and applied for a job as sound recordist at B.I.P., Elstree, where `mention’ of some […]

LIFE Magazine Photo Archive Now Hosted By Google 6

Who was this animator? He appears to be working on the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp (Click for full crew list on IMDB). Can you name him? You can find his picture alongside ten million others in Google’s new image archive of Life magazines photos. A staggering ninety seven percent of the pictures […]

Economic Warning from 21 Years Ago 2

I’ve just finished reading a book thrown out last year by the college library, that was written by Stewart Brand way back in 1987. It’s called “The Media Lab – Inventing the future at M.I.T”1 and it lays out a future where pretty much all human experience in the developed nations will be mediated, one […]

The Vaguely Xmas Exhibition 2

An art exhibition featuring work by 26 of London’s animation stars kicks off on Monday 17th of November (Private View) and continues until the 22nd of November. 11am – 6 pm. Waterloo Gallery Baylis Road Waterloo London SE1 7AA – Very close to London Waterloo station. Brendan Amphlett Jen Arthur Gianna Cazza Gerry Gallego Aurelie […]

Number 44 6

Please click the thumbnail below to reveal the bigger picture. Try as I might, I cannot find the name of the illustrator of this piece. Illustration by Patrick Moberg. 1 It was found on The Daily Irrelevant. Footnotes for this post:____________________________________ see comment below from Charley Parker [↩]________________________________________________________

A Bit Of A Giveaway 0

It’s amazing how lazy some of the authors of phishing attacks can be:

One Official Disciplined Over Data Loss Every Day 0

I knew it was bad, but I never imagined the sheer scale of the data leaks that have occurred in the last year or so. Parliamentary answers from three Government Departments reveal that up to 260 officials were disciplined or dismissed “for alleged breaches of data protection requirements and inappropriate use of personal or sensitive […]

A Change Is Gonna Come 0

At least, that’s what Sam, Al, Aaron, Otis, Seal and Aretha say. And who are we to argue? ______________________________________________________________