20 New Header Images for The New Year

I hope you enjoy the 20 new randomly served images that have been added to the header of this blog. You might even recognise your own work in there!

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If your curiosity is piqued by one of the header images, have a look at the bunch of tiny thumbnails that are displayed down the right of the main screen, below the blogroll links. Click on any of those tiny pictures to bring up a big image that also shows you the artist’s name and the title of the work.

Happy New Year to all you wonderful visitors and thanks for all your fascinating comments. Have a great 2009!
– Michael


Peter Serafinowicz – “The Mactini”

I’ve only just got acquainted with Peter Serafinowicz because I hardly ever watch television. No, really I don’t. I watch about 20 – 30 hours a year maximum. This excerpt from his recent Christmas show just happened to be on YouTube. Look for more of his work on this BBC page. Generally speaking, it’s suitable for an adult audience.


Tony Trimmer – Greenpeace Short: “Coal Finger”

Tony Trimmer has collaborated with Blue Zoo to produce this timely and tongue-in-cheeky viral for Greenpeace UK.

thumbnail of Graverson Green
My name is Green…. Graverson Green. (Click to enlarge, as usual)

Greenpeace states:

We’ve unleashed our own special agent Graverson Green to expose the plot of Coalfinger and his carbon cronies who are planning to cover the world in coal-fired power stations and destroy the climate in Operation Browncloud.

Coalfinger, played by Brian Blessed (Black Adder, Flash Gordon) is scheming to bring the first new coal plant online in Kingsnorth Kent. Can Green played by David Mitchell (C4´s Peep Show) and his glamorous assistant Katrina Hurkane stop their dastardly plans? Is a top secret hideout involved? Are there plenty of double entendres? Watch the film to find out.

Tony contributed the character designs and was the consultant for the production which was achieved with Maya.

thumbnail of Katrina and Coalfinger

thumbnail of Coalfinger and his famous finger
Coalfinger and his Famous Finger.

thumbnail of Gaverson Green gets set to skewer CoalFinger
Kebab time!

Follow this link to see the film.


Wayne Levin

thumbnail of Floating
Floating (Please click to enlarge)

Amazing photography by Wayne Levin.

thumbnail of Mark under breaking wave
Mark under breaking wave

thumbnail of Mark under another breaking wave
Mark under (another) breaking wave

thumbnail of Swimmers in the Iron Man event, Hawaii
Swimmers in the Iron Man event, Hawaii

thumbnail of Column of Akule, Hawaii
Column of Akule, Hawaii

thumbnail of Free diver surrounded by Akule, Hawaii
Free diver surrounded by Akule, Hawaii

Wayne Levin has spent a career photographing the eerie and mysterious underwater world. Working in black and white, he removes the surface illusions about the ocean and the assumptions about underwater photography.

See more of his work at The Robert Koch Gallery


Unintended Consequences: ID Cards’ Contribution To Domestic Violence

There’s an interesting interplay of various brands of fear at work in this video. Would it work better without the sinister background drone? Will life be better for women with vindictive ex-partners?

Link to NO2ID
Link to Women’s Aid

(Via The Daily Irrelevant)


Animated Gif Files From Snowball’s Blog – Updated

Sometimes I have to just stand back and admire the sheer awesomeness (ossumness) of the internet. Its amazing variety and capacity to surprise will amuse, tantalise, and entertain me as long as I have a broadband connection1 .

Have a look at this extraordinary random find that demonstrates the enduring usefulness of the old fashioned animated gif file type in the face of stiff competition from odious newfangled so-called “rich media” formats such as Flash (spit, spit).

The three files below were found on Snowball’s Photoblog. I have no idea about their provenance because the site is in Russian.

I don’t speak Russian, but I do speak pictures. Here you go:

What a beautiful nose!
The Photo-Me Booth Beauty

Foxy Fifties Filly
The Foxy Lady from the Fifties

And finally this amazing woman who ages in front of our eyes. (Might be a bit slow to load):

She grows old even as you look at her

Updated: New pictures added. Follow the arrows to see these supplementary images. >> Continue reading Animated Gif Files From Snowball’s Blog – Updated

Footnotes for this post:____________________________________
  1. Credit goes to Google’s Reader for help in staying on top of all this awesomeness []

Lost And Found – Studio AKA’s Shot at Christmas TV Short Prize

thumbnail of Lost and Found
(Click to enlarge all these images, please)

What’s a boy supposed to do when a penguin turns up at the door?

thumbnail of Lost and Found

Take it back to Antarctica of course.

thumbnail of Lost and Found
This might mean having to row it all the way back….

thumbnail of Lost and Found

Just don’t ask how it arrived in the first place, that’s all….

thumbnail of Lost and Found

Above all, do not question how a penguin is supposed to row a boat using only stubby little wings. We’ll have to wait for the film to be released on Christmas Eve to find out.

The thorough impracticality of returning penguins to the Antarctic is shown by this picture taken during repatriation rehearsals….

thumbnail of Pushing the boat out

That penguin isn’t even trying to help…

Adapted and Directed by Phillip Hunt at Studio AKA from a book by Oliver Jeffers, published by Harper Collins.

To be screened on Channel 4 this Christmas Eve and again on Boxing Day.

Watch the trailer below:

Another Recruitment Ad for NO2ID – by HMG

When the Government introduced its ID card legislation several years ago, it made one thing clear. Even though it would be obligatory to register on the ID database when obtaining a new passport, it would not be compulsory to carry a card. …. Continue reading Another Recruitment Ad for NO2ID – by HMG