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Tatsuyuki Tanaka – Cannabis Works 10

(Click all these small images to enlarge them, please….) Tatsuyuki Tanaka, the animator from 4c Studios whose first major job was key animator on Akira (1988), has a folio of work from his 2003 graphic novel / manga “Cannabis Works” on view at Digik Gallery. Aside from enjoying the masterly draughtsmanship evident in all his […]

Waiting For The Staff To Turn Up…. 2

A modern building has sprouted up in my town, and while it waits patiently to be occupied by suits, it shimmers quietly in the morning sun looking for all the world like a swimming pool, tinted by the greenish cast of the windows. I just happened to have my camera with me…. (Click this picture […]

Art & Design in The British Film #22 George Provis 1

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with George Provis. After starting work in a solicitor’s office George Provis found that his heart wasn’t in it and so set out to learn architecture and the building trade. […]

Holiday Ideas For All Our Cash Strapped French Readers 2

Mon frêre ainé m’a envoyé ces images… Il dit: “…en cette période de crise, si on peut se permettre un petit voyage …… Profitons – en….;-) Ses coordonnées: Translations: Paintings: Compositions: Panpipe videos: Blog: Bonne Année, Paul, et merçi!

Roland Piquepaille’s Last Post 0

A salute to Roland Piquepaille, who died recently. He was one of the net pioneers who really “got it” Link to his journal: Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trends (Via: Howard Rheingold’s blog – SmartMobs) As well as his own well informed and carefully written site, he was a regular guest contributor to _________________________________________________________________

Wall To Wall Wallpaper 8

If there’s any truth in the slugline of this blog: “The Art that feeds animation“, then I think these images of historic wallpapers are excellent examples of the aesthetic river that has flowed uninterrupted into the deep pool of animation art. Paper Panoramas This post focuses on a small but important product of the wallpaper […]