Tatsuyuki Tanaka – Cannabis Works

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Tatsuyuki Tanaka, the animator from 4c Studios whose first major job was key animator on Akira (1988), has a folio of work from his 2003 graphic novel / manga “Cannabis Works” on view at Digik Gallery.

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Aside from enjoying the masterly draughtsmanship evident in all his work, I’m also a great admirer of the subdued colour schemes he employs. They give a sense of otherworldliness that suggests not just another place, but also another time for the events he draws so well.

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This third panel is from a series called “Fifth Dimension” that Pink Tentacle has thoughtfully translated into English.

Truly, gorgeously, bizarre….


10 thoughts on “Tatsuyuki Tanaka – Cannabis Works”

  1. His animations are also gorgeous, I have never seen any other animator with such skills, he masters all the aspects of human anatomy, perspective, design, color.

    A young master we unfortunately don’t see much of his craft.

    Hail Tanaka!

  2. Hail indeed! He seems to be a very accomplished animation artist all round. I will keep an eye out for him in future….

  3. Oh, I’d absolutely wonderful stuff, Michael – the book Japanese Comickers (volume 2) has a nice piece on Tanaka’s process. Another outstanding associate of 4C.


  4. Thanks for your comment, Peter. It’s nice to know you drop by :) . I must look up that volume when I’m next in central London. I particularly like his avoidance of the “big eyes”.

  5. Glad you like it, Andrei. It’s the first time I’ve seen his work. Very impressive stuff!
    Hey, did you see some of your work in the header pictures? Look at number 054….

  6. No!!!Thank you very much!
    I am Really glad that you like this picture!
    I am working in London at moment.
    Would you like to meet up for the lunch.I have only hour, but I’ll be really appreciate if you can.:o)

  7. I would love to do lunch. I’m very busy for the next couple of weeks, though. How long are you in London?

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