Taking Liberties at The British Library

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Test your attitudes and knowledge about liberty, privacy and rights using this interactive test on the British Library’s website.
The accompanying exhibition continues until the 1st of March. Only 9 days left! Use it as an informative warm up for the Convention on Modern Liberty taking place on the 28th of February.
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(Via Jeremy Barr)

2 thoughts on “Taking Liberties at The British Library”

  1. Wonderful to meet you last night Michael. Had a great time chatting-thoughtful stuff. I have lots to ponder, especially the idea of “Sad”cheese and the distinct lack of pine nuts.

    You’re an inspiring geezer-hope to meet again soon.


  2. The pleasure was all mine, M@ I’m happy to have finally met you in the flesh, after having visited your blog so often.
    I raise my glass to the next time we meet and converse again. Mahalo!

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