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Collision Films Produce Gigantic Animation for Acura Cars 2

It took 17 artists ten days, 503 spraycans and 455 gallons of paint to make a 30 second animated film for Acura cars on 60ft by 40ft backdrops. The car stays still and the background animates. Here’s the ad:- And here’s the “Making of”:- The full cast list is here, and Collision Films website is […]

Holy Cao! 0

You might remember that I posted some drawings by Jose Maria Cao almost exactly a year ago. As you’ll see from the recent comments in that post, Julio Mauricio Neveleff, curator of the Cao exhibition and author of the catalogue, kindly offered to send me the exhibition catalogue. I’m really happy to say it arrived […]

Art & Design in The British Film #24 David Rawnsley 3

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with David Rawnsley (1909 – 1977) 1 One of those luxurious bohemians whom one usually associates with that period in history when Casanova and Carlo Gozzi flourished. He always works […]

Panic in the Village – The Feature Film 0

Brought to you by that slightly unhinged partnership of Belgian animators, Stéphane Aubier et Vincent Patar. Following their success with more than 20 Panic in the Village shorts, Aubier and Patar will premiere their feature length film of the same name in June in Belgium, and then later on in France, around October. I must […]

A Couple of Layouts & Backgrounds 2

While fossicking around the studio, trying to find an old colour photocopy of the mystery Hawaiian project posted here a few days ago, I came across some old layouts for a direct to video production based on the Lion King. The film was called “Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable” and much of the animation […]

Photo Gallery of Animation People 0

Richard Keith Wolff has been patiently taking photos of people in the animation business for nearly twenty years. Paul Chung, Russell Brooke, and Molly Jo Sanderson, Soho 1995 Richard has a long standing reputation as a rostrum cameraman. He has concentrated on his hand held camera work for many years now, and has been photographing […]

David Speed R.I.P. 7

David Speed – 12th May 1947 – 17th February 2009 Picture courtesy of Julie Bridge, with thanks. Yesterday was a sad day. I went to the funeral of a great friend. He was an amazing person who was crazy to live life to the full. He made Superman fly, jumped out of planes and navigated […]