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Art & Design in The British Film #25 – Michael Relph 0

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with Michael Relph. (1915 – 2004) His designs are made in crayon and wash, and as designs show a distinct theatrical influence but when built in the studio become essentially […]

Mythologies at The Haunch of Venison 0

The Haunch of Venison Gallery in London used to be The Museum of Mankind, a fabulous treasure trove of ethnological exhibits housed in the same building as the Royal Academy Schools, where I spent two years life drawing and cast drawing so long ago. The museum has upped sticks and moved house to The British […]

The Public Works of Art Project (PWA) 2

75 years ago, during the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration created the Public Works of Art Project. Artists from across the United States who participated in the programme, which lasted only six months from mid-December 1933 to June 1934, were encouraged (and paid) to depict “the American Scene”. There’s an exhibition currently showing […]

On Doing Things Properly 0

It is best not to set out thinking I will make a coffee table today, because this is probably not what you will do: more likely, you will be planing sticks of timber, trying to get them square and true, and then cutting joints and boring holes. So reduce your day’s tasks to what you […]