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“I am Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia” 4

Who the hell is “Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia”, and why would he want to post the same comment on over 924,000 blogs when he’s clearly not trying to sell anything? The weird bit is that PK has a stalker called Raiul Baztepo, who frequently comments yes there is a pattern here, on the same blog […]

Sorry I’m Late… 0

Sorry I’m Late by Tomas Mankovsky. (Requires QuickTime) The “Making Of” is very engaging and informative, too. ________________________________________________________________________

Transcripts & Videos from The Convention on Modern Liberty 4

If you couldn’t be there on February 28th, you’ll be happy to learn that the entire proceedings of The Convention Of Modern Liberty, the mass assertion of our liberties, rights and freedoms, are now online. The Convention’s libertarian energy is now being channeled into a forum called Magna Carta 2.0. Magna Carta 2.0 is a […]

How to Link a Small Image to a Big Image in a Blog 0

There is no need to feel constrained by the apparently small images allowed in most blog themes. You can couple your small (typically around 500pixels wide) thumbnail pictures to an enlarged version as big as your and your visitor’s screens will allow. Here’s how to post an image into your blog that will […]

Posting a Poster 0

In just over a month it will once again be time for the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. This year, for some reason, it will be called “Annecy09“. (How do they come up with these crazy names, eh?) (Click the image to enlarge it, please) Here’s a crop of this year’s festival poster. (The rabbit […]