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Articles and, er, Particles…. 0

Sometimes I get so immersed in researching a subject, in finding, assembling and optimising the accompanying pictures, in writing and re-writing text and checking links, that trying to do a “proper job” post ends up being a long and drawn out chore. Not a good state of affairs. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and […]

Art & Design in The British Film #26 – Paul Sherriff 0

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with Paul Sherriff (1903 – 1960). It was in 1943 that Sheriff made his most memorable contribution to film decor when as Art Director for Laurence Olivier’s `Henry V’ he […]

Day 5: Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 12th June 0

The fifth and last short film made by the 2nd Year Gobelins students’ work has been shown as the curtain raiser at the Annecy International Animation Festival. It’s titled “Jelly Sunday”. (Believe it or not) (Please click these images to enlarge them) This short seems to me to have strong influences from John Kricfalusi and […]

Day 4: Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 11th June 2

DODUDINDON made its debut at the Annecy International Animation Festival today. It’s the fourth of a series of films by students from the Gobelins School of Communication, in Paris. The production crew, Lucrèce Andreae, Julien Chheng, Tracy Nowocien, and Rémy Schaepman, have concocted a story of a plucky young turkey who wants to woo a […]

Day 3: Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 10th June 0

The rays of the sun wake FENRIR the wolf from a millennial sleep in the tangled roots of the colossal tree Yggdrasil, and from its topmost branches he attacks the sun. Behind him, a hero appears …. (Please click these thumbnails to enlarge them) The action is fast and furious in this film, with some […]

Extreme Typographic Fandom & A Curiously Star Struck Dog 2

You probably have at least one favourite typeface, and I’m pretty sure that you’re likely to favour a dozen or so others that you can happily deploy depending on context and use, of course. Now some of your stable of old faithful faces will eventually amble quietly out to pasture beyond your studio door, either […]

Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 9th June 0

The second Gobelins student film to be shown at the Annecy International Animation Festival has just been released. It’s called Le Lac Gelé – The Frozen Lake. It was animated by Jean-David Fabre, Fabien Guillaume, Sébastien Hary, Paul Nivet, Vincent Verniers. An old man is led by a strange dog to a frozen lake in […]

Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 8th June 2

Ye it’s that time of year again, when the 2nd year students of the Gobelins School of Communication in Paris put their films on show at the Annecy Animation Festival. The students work in small crews, concentrating only on the production of their group film. No essays, dissertations or other academic distractions. There is intense […]