Monthly Archives: July 2009

The French Surrender. Again. 0

At last. The Louvre Museum in Paris has hauled up the white flag (photo above), and is now publishing its website in English, and a couple of other World minority languages. (Please click on this thumbnail to enlarge it) Meanwhile, the French are still suffering from the economic recession and one of their leading car […]

Colin Stimpson’s Panoramic Header Picture 4

I’m really happy that my friend and (near) neighbour Colin Stimpson, has kindly sent a panoramic picture from his forthcoming book, Germs!, and it’s now joined the randomised collection of pictures in the header of this blog. If you were a patient sort of person, you could repeatedly press [Ctrl] 1 + F5 to force […]

A Hundred and One Water Lilies 2

It’s my daughter Lola’s leaving ball next week, and she decided to make a hundred origami water lilies to hold sweets and goodies at the school tables. She finished making the hundred tiny folded cups (plus one spare) this morning, and put them on the ironing board, which happens to have a Friesian cow hide […]

I Spied a Spider… 0

This tiny fellow had made a web on one of the panes of the back door. What you see below is an extreme close up of the spider, who is very very tiny indeed. It was a really tricky shot because the camera’s auto-focus was easily confused by the foliage beyond the hammer pattern glass. […]

Godless Castors 2

While scouting around for some wheels to fit a media trolley I’m building, I came upon this unmissable offer: Needless to say, I ordered a pack of four forthwith. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A Research Goldmine at the National Portrait Gallery 3

A couple of years back, I was having a good old moan about The National Portrait Gallery website, and its pathetically small images. The good news is that The NPG site has had a complete makeover recently, and you can find large versions of just about all their stock of images. That’s only a part […]