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Art & Design in The British Film #27 – Wilfrid Shingleton 0

Continuing a series about Art Directors in the British film industry up to 1948, when the book containing these articles was published. This chapter deals with Wilfrid Shingleton (1914 – 1983) He is essentially a practical artist and there are few problems in art direction that he would not overcome. Bonnie Prince Charlie, 1948. Conté, […]

Vroom Broom – Cleaning Up The Mean Streets Of Sanremo. 3

This is another post based on photos from the recent holiday in Liguria, Northern Italy. I came across this curious little one seater car on very hot day in Sanremo. Its driver had parked and gone off somewhere, leaving the keys in the ignition. I was so tempted to jump in and have a ride, […]

Two Animation Jobs (UK) 0

1: Lecturer in Design (Illustration & Animation) at Blackburn College ( The application deadline isn’t stated in the ad, but I imagine it will close within a couple of weeks) 2: Demonstrator in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University Application deadline: Midnight on Thursday 24 September 2009 Sign up to if you want to receive […]

Scary Scorpion 2

While preparing a salad in the kitchen of the house in Liguria, I nearly jumped out of my skin when this fierce looking scorpion scuttled out onto the work surface. Amazingly, I happened to have the camera handy…. (Click to see terrifying detailed view.) More photos coming later…. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mystery Building 1

What and where is the building shown in the picture below? You an click the thumbnail to enlarge it, if that helps. OK. Here’s the rather surprising answer to the mystery building question: You’ve obviously twigged that it’s a Russian Orthodox church from the onion domes. What’s unexpected is the location: Sanremo, in the Italian […]