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One For Andrei. 3

I found this early version of the Pink Ball, by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472 – 1553) Click the image to enlarge it, please. (Andrei’s blog is at the top of the Blogroll to the right) ___________________________________________________________

Hello Again! I’ve Been Missing You Too…. 0

Click the image to make it bigger, please. (It’s a rare picture of the Articles and Texticles aesthetics committee, scrutinising a submission from an artist hoping to have his work hung on this site…) Articles and Texticles is now functioning (almost) normally after changing web hosting company. Yippee, I say. It was a somewhat fraught […]

Moving Day for Articles & Texticles 0

Articles & Texticles is powered by WordPress publishing software. I like the way that WordPress   works and the direction that its open source developers are taking it. From a webmaster’s point of view, WordPress is so much easier to administer when you compare it to the standard HTML based static website, especially when it […]

Life Imitating Art 1

A couple of days back, I was looking at the work of Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh, whose work has often examined themes of individuality and identity in a crowded society. (Click these images to enlarge them, if you like) Here’s a close-up of the base of that plinth – And then, the very next […]