Die Duckomenta Gerben Steenks

I was going to post a few images of the new exhibition of Die Duckomenta, but the idea of wading (or waddling) through a hundred and twenty versions of the same joke made me grab just a couple of the non-duck images. (below).

thumbnail of Mondrian Mouse
Based on that Dancing Dutchman.
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thumbnail of Mickey Schwitters
With a nod to Kurt the Kunstmeister.

A friend and colleague, Gerben Steenks (known as Gur-B), worked at the coalface of the Mickey industry in deepest Duckburg for a while, and was paid to put a graphical twist on the old menagerie of Disney characters.

thumbnail of title
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He’s now freelance and producing some amazingly unhinged work that’s impossible to classify, yet instantly attention-grabbing.

A small sample:

thumbnail of Cows and stuff

thumbnail of Tricks with Trunks

I hope Gerben is thinking of selling prints of these.
Link to the Gur-B blog.
Link to Gur-B Flickr page.

The B in Gur-B
(The B in Gur-B)