Gobelins Student Films at 2010 Annecy Animated Film Festival

For the past eight years, the second year students at the Gobelins School of Communication in Paris have worked in small teams to provide the opening shorts for screening sessions at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival & Market that takes place every year in early June.

This year’s opener is a short called M.Eustache, and it was created by François Barreau, Violaine Briat, Clément Girard, Benoit Tranchet, and Maïté Xia.

thumbnail of M.Eustache
(Please click these images to enlarge them)

thumbnail of M.Eustache

thumbnail of M.Eustache

thumbnail of M.Eustache

thumbnail of M.Eustache

Here’s the link to the gallery of shorts on the Gobelins website.

This is an important year for the Annecy Animation Festival, because the 6 day event is the 50th time that animators from all over the world have met at this lakeside venue in the French alps.

As a bonus, here is a 50th anniversary poster for you to download, and suck your inkjet dry bring your printer to its knees when you print it out. Click on the picture for a LARGE version.

thumbnail of title

There’s more to come in the following days, so bookmark this post!

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