Life.Turns: Animating a Cast of a Thousand Strangers

Life.Turns poses
(Click this image to see the eight required poses for contributors)

There’s a collaborative animation project gathering momentum at blipfoto during the Edinburgh Festival.

The idea is that thousands of participants upload photos of family and friends one by one, posed in one of eight poses that together make up an animated walk cycle.
The pictures below will make it clear.

life turns. Making an animated film from the images sent in by thousands of people
life turns. Choose one of eight side-on walking poses
life turns. The side view poses will show many different people
life turns. The finished film will be shown at Inspace, Edinburgh, on Thursday the 26th of August and at at

Remember to check out the BlipFoto site on the 26th of August to see the completed film. – Why not join in and send your own side-on view?


5 thoughts on “Life.Turns: Animating a Cast of a Thousand Strangers”

  1. Glad you liked it. It was really an open ended project so we didn’t know what we would get but the community came up trumps and Travis were very supportive too. Feel free to send out the link we would like to get it out to as many viewers as we can.( well we would say that of course)

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