Norman Rockwell Museum Reveals All in ProjectNORMAN- (but teeny-weeny)

thumbnail of Triple Self Portrait
Triple Self Portrait
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The Norman Rockwell Museum announced the opening of ProjectNORMAN (New Online Rockwell Media Art & Archive Network) today, the 6th of January, which will allow you to look through thirty thousand of Rockwell’s reference photos, preliminary sketches and paintings, and other items from the Museum’s art and archive collections. 1

Here’s the link to the new gallery, and this page gives an account of the archiving process.
His studio alone contained over 3,000 articles, from brushes to furniture.

Could you guess at the amount of all the stuff in your studio?

Below is a little sketch Rockwell sent to a friend.
thumbnail of Boy on the high dive sketch
Boy on the high dive” 1947 This image comes from an auction site, not from the NORMAAN archive, where the images are MUCH smaller, and watermarked almost into obscurity.

Anyone who is in southern Britain can go along to the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, and have a look at hundreds of Norman Rockwell paintings in an exhibition that closes at the end of March.
Thanks for the tip-off Miss Hathorn!

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  1. Surely that acrostic would read NORMAAN, no? []

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  1. Wow, hope that we can see such types of paintings in the future. In the modern days, it is hard to see traditional pictures drawn by hands. Most of them are automatically painted by phones or computer. And this decreases their value for minimum!

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