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Charles Tunnicliffe 1901 – 1979 2

The fourth in a seasonal series of short entries featuring snow. Today’s subject is Charles Tunnicliffe; Etcher, engraver and painter, whose principal subject was bird life and the natural countryside. “Company of Whitethroats” ( Please click these images to enlarge them ). Charles Tunnicliffe RA OBE 1901 – 1979 Charles Tunnicliffe was born in Macclesfield, […]

Transformations Through Light – Photos by Helmar Lerski 1

There’s an interesting reference resource for all you CGI modellers and lighting artists looking for new ways to build on the standard three lamps setup. Take some time to study an exhibition of eighty-eight photographs by Helmar Lerski (1871–1956) currently showing at the Ubu Gallery in New York and running until the 25th of June, […]

Two Faces of Modernism 5

When you look at the photographs below that show father and children walking together and playing together, it’s almost impossible for us, or them, to imagine people a few hundred kilometres away who wanted to kill them. Those complete strangers who’d never met the father or his children, were plotting to put them to death […]

Trailer for “The Tale of Despereaux” 10

Odd, isn’t it, how the marketing of a film involves both the precise identification and targeting of likely audiences, while at the same time trying to maximise its appeal to the broadest possible market. Focusing and defocusing in one go. How wide of the mark this effort can sometimes be. Now if somebody had said […]

Lighting Up Dark Chocolate 0

I was doing a bit of research into colour the other day, and I headed over to the splendid archive of American Cinematographer. I found the information I was looking for spread across two of the (free to access) archive issues. The Color-Space Conundrum 1, and The Color-Space Conundrum 2. What really caught my eye, […]

The Perils of Practising Perfect Perspective 3

(Click to enlarge) Of course the more perspicacious among you readers of Articles and Texticles will have immediately spotted what the artist is doing wrong in this picture. That’s right, he’s wearing completely the wrong footwear for the job. He should be wearing very heavy boots so that he can keep his knees down, and […]

William Russell Flint 4

This is post #11 in this mini series of snow scenes. In terms of technique, it’s the most demanding of all so far in this series. Although it’s only 10 by 13 inches ( or 25 by 33 cm ) it was made difficult by 2 factors. First, when the air temperature is close to […]

Clark Hulings 0

Another contemporary painter tackles the theme of snow in this contrasty painting, called “Ten Below”. There’s something so American about the title that you might leap to the conclusion that the artist was from the USA. And you’d be absolutely right. His early years were spent in Spain, however. Ten Below He worked as a […]

Richard Müller 5

The symbolist painter and etcher, Richard Müller, has provided the 8th in this series of snow scenes. It’s a painting of his from the end of the Second World War. The Dead Hare The Hare represents Europe, the Jackdaw: Germany and the Magpie is Russia. The symbolism in the image depends on the audience having […]

Ivan F. Choultsé 34

This is number seven in the seasonal series of snow scene themed posts. (Don’t try to say that with a mouthful of crackers.) The first time I came across the work of Ivan Fedorovitch Choultsé, (1877 – 1932) I couldn’t make up my mind whether he was a colourist genius or an early incarnation of […]