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Heavy Hitting Twitter Traffic 0

(Click to enlarge) Every now and again, people discover a post I wrote back in 2006 that discusses the Fedex logo, and presents an interview with its designer, Lindon Leader of Leader Creative. A Twitter user tweeted the Fedex article, and before I knew what was happening, a flock of followers were hammering my server. […]

Die Duckomenta Gerben Steenks 0

I was going to post a few images of the new exhibition of Die Duckomenta, but the idea of wading (or waddling) through a hundred and twenty versions of the same joke made me grab just a couple of the non-duck images. (below). Based on that Dancing Dutchman. (Click these thumbnails to enlarge them, please) […]

Nice Weather For Ducks 0

All this showery midsummer rain has played havoc with sporting fixtures, and worse is on the way according to the meteorological office. Much worse by the look of things… The inhabitants of Chelmsford in Essex must have had a very nasty fright when they checked the BBC weather forecast at 4.00 this afternoon. (Cluck to […]

The Best Photoshop Tip I’ve Ever Forgotten 4

There are so many handy tips about obscure Photoshop techniques floating around, that sooner or later, some of the more arcane ones just float off, beyond the reach of memory. Well; my memory, anyway. The research I do entails a lot of scanning, and of all sorts of materials. Typescripts, books and magazines, and even […]

Speculative Cigar Box Samples 5

Here is a selection of beautiful samples of the chromolithographic printer’s art, applied to cigar boxes. They seem to be speculative samples that were sent out to North American cigar packers around 1880 -1910, judging by the costumes. While it’s fortunate that whoever runs the Brasilian website containing these images has gone to the trouble […]

ColourCountry 2

This is one of the oddest websites I have seen in a while. I cannot remember what I was researching when I found it. All I know is that I was held entranced in its soft and quirky grip for a time that seemed to last for ages, but in reality was probably very short. […]

This Is The End, My Friend. The End…. 4

One of the mantras in screenwriting is that you have to know the end before you can write the beginning. Or the middle. (If you click this thumbnail, it will get slightly bigger, but not much!) This set on Flickr concentrates on the very, very end of the film. In truth, it’s the bit that […]

One for Luc Desmarchelier 3

(Cliquez l’image minuscule pour l’agrandir) There’s a less scabrous version here, albeit with terrible pincushion distortion. Rummaging around on the Onslow auction site for some posters by Eric Kennington, I came across this little gem by a French poster artist that I’d never heard of before; Jean d’Ylen. Socks were blown off. Have a look […]

How to Paint the Mona Lisa in Microsoft PAINT 1

You have to stand back in amazement, really, and ask yourself why on earth would anybody use the world’s crappiest imaging app to try and recreate the world’s most famous painting? Because it’s fun, I suppose!