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Gavril Pavlovich Kondratenko 1854 – 1924 2

The fifth of a series of snow themed posts, for this season of the year. Winter Morning 1901 (Click all these images to enlarge them please.) Landscape With Pagoda Gavriil Kondratenko was born in 1854. Studied at The Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Fine Arts from K.Gun and M. (Mikhail Konstantinovich) Klodt. Author of the […]

Victor Westerholm 0

“Midwinter Sun” by Victor Westerholm (1860-1919) ( Click for big, as usual. ) This is the second in a seasonal series of paintings featuring snow. Westerholm’s bio reads: born at Turku, Finland on January 4, 1860 and died in Turku on 19 November, 1919. He first studied under Eugen Dücker in Düsseldorf. He then became […]

John Young-Hunter 6

A couple of years back I posted a series of winter themed paintings in the run-up to Christmas. ( Go back to the post about Arkhip Kuinji, on the 17th December 2007 ). Those posts were short and sweet, and featured painters whose work I had recently stumbled upon. The only thing that united them […]

Looking Forward to Summer, already. 0

Click the image to enlarge it, please. This sumptious fruit salad was painted by Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire (French, 1845-1928) It’s called “Still life with fruits”. You can really smell those peaches. Yum! The French writer Marcel Proust frequently visited her popular salon / studio and claimed that she had created more roses than anyone, after […]

“Round The Christmas Tree” by Viggo Johansen 10

Sometimes called “Silent Night” Click the picture for the BIG version! A Happy Yule to all readers of Articles & Texticles!

The Public Works of Art Project (PWA) 2

75 years ago, during the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration created the Public Works of Art Project. Artists from across the United States who participated in the programme, which lasted only six months from mid-December 1933 to June 1934, were encouraged (and paid) to depict “the American Scene”. There’s an exhibition currently showing […]

£25,000 Prize Waiting – Only Figurative Painters Need Apply 0

The Mall Galleries, London, are waiting for the public’s vote in order to decide the winner of The Threadneedle Figurative Painting Prize. From an initial pool of 2,700 entries, 71 pictures have now been selected for final judging, with 7 works shortlisted for the prize. The final decision rests with the public, though, who can […]

Pressed Metal Paintboxes 9

When you were very young, did you ever yearn for a great big paintbox like this? The 92 cake behemoth paintbox of my dreams, by Page of London. (Click it to see it bigger, please.) I remember wishing for a really big paintbox while using the piddly little 12 and 18 tablet jobs that were […]

Teun Hocks 0

Dutch artist Teun Hocks doesn’t cut corners. His striking images are carefully created using brushes and camera. No digital montage tricks: Hocks hand paints backdrops on which he then photographs himself in bizarre poses. His work exhibits a delightful sense of silliness. (Click to make bigger). Untitled His work has a whiff of Réné Magritte, […]

The Adam and Ron Show 0

Artists Ron English and Adam Neate will share more than their ideology in an upcoming two man show at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms (London) in May. (Please click the small images to enlarge them) Press it. You know you want to…. (Thanks Damien, Thanks Edward.) The two images above are the work of the […]