Big Bang, Big Boom. It’s BLU Again!

The crew at have found some sponsors who appear to have hundreds of litres of paint at their disposal. The team are really stretching their ideas by the bucketload, too.

It’s an amazing amount of work, as you will see from browsing the website.

thumbnail of Mural painting, big time.

Have a look at BLU’s many works here, and if you pursue the links in the blog section,
thumbnail of Mural painting, big time.

you’ll be steered to the site of one of his many collaborators, Eric Ailcane

thumbnail of Mural painting, big time.



Life.Turns: Animating a Cast of a Thousand Strangers

Life.Turns poses
(Click this image to see the eight required poses for contributors)

There’s a collaborative animation project gathering momentum at blipfoto during the Edinburgh Festival.

The idea is that thousands of participants upload photos of family and friends one by one, posed in one of eight poses that together make up an animated walk cycle.
The pictures below will make it clear.

life turns. Making an animated film from the images sent in by thousands of people
life turns. Choose one of eight side-on walking poses
life turns. The side view poses will show many different people
life turns. The finished film will be shown at Inspace, Edinburgh, on Thursday the 26th of August and at at

Remember to check out the BlipFoto site on the 26th of August to see the completed film. – Why not join in and send your own side-on view?


Collision Films Produce Gigantic Animation for Acura Cars

It took 17 artists ten days, 503 spraycans and 455 gallons of paint to make a 30 second animated film for Acura cars on 60ft by 40ft backdrops.

thumbnail of Acura Ad

The car stays still and the background animates.

thumbnail of Acura Ad

Here’s the ad:-

And here’s the “Making of”:-

The full cast list is here, and Collision Films website is here. (Requires Quicktime plug-in.)


Panic in the Village – The Feature Film

Brought to you by that slightly unhinged partnership of Belgian animators, Stéphane Aubier et Vincent Patar.
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Following their success with more than 20 Panic in the Village shorts, Aubier and Patar will premiere their feature length film of the same name in June in Belgium, and then later on in France, around October.

I must confess that I preferred the completely madcap squash-and-stretch-to-the-limit style of their earlier work in Pic Pic & André, click the horse and pig you find on this page.

More PicPic & Andre here, and here.

Vaguely related to these plastic toy figure animations, but on a weirdness plane all of its own, is a very strange short by Koichiro Tsujikawa, a music video for the band Cornelius.
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