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Heavy Hitting Twitter Traffic 0

(Click to enlarge) Every now and again, people discover a post I wrote back in 2006 that discusses the Fedex logo, and presents an interview with its designer, Lindon Leader of Leader Creative. A Twitter user tweeted the Fedex article, and before I knew what was happening, a flock of followers were hammering my server. […]

The Perfect Recursive Blog Post 1

Martin Robbins has written the perfect Russian doll of an article about science reporting. A veritable texticle among texticles. Read: “This is a news website article about a scientific paper” And the comments are equally meta.

I Spied a Spider… 0

This tiny fellow had made a web on one of the panes of the back door. What you see below is an extreme close up of the spider, who is very very tiny indeed. It was a really tricky shot because the camera’s auto-focus was easily confused by the foliage beyond the hammer pattern glass. […]

Godless Castors 2

While scouting around for some wheels to fit a media trolley I’m building, I came upon this unmissable offer: Needless to say, I ordered a pack of four forthwith. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I am Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia” 4

Who the hell is “Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia”, and why would he want to post the same comment on over 924,000 blogs when he’s clearly not trying to sell anything? The weird bit is that PK has a stalker called Raiul Baztepo, who frequently comments yes there is a pattern here, on the same blog […]

On Doing Things Properly 0

It is best not to set out thinking I will make a coffee table today, because this is probably not what you will do: more likely, you will be planing sticks of timber, trying to get them square and true, and then cutting joints and boring holes. So reduce your day’s tasks to what you […]

The Diagram Prize 0

Every year, The Bookseller magazine organises a search for odd published book titles. This year, the strangest contender so far is “Baboon Metaphysics”, by Dorothy L Cheney & Robert M Seyfarth… (Read on) >>

The Convention On Modern Liberty 0

Dissatisfaction with the slow and steady erosion of civil liberty by the increasingly intrusive UK government has reached a point where people are now coming together to say: “Enough”.

Holiday Ideas For All Our Cash Strapped French Readers 2

Mon frêre ainé m’a envoyé ces images… Il dit: “…en cette période de crise, si on peut se permettre un petit voyage …… Profitons – en….;-) Ses coordonnées: Translations: Paintings: Compositions: Panpipe videos: Blog: Bonne Année, Paul, et merçi!

A Bit Of A Giveaway 0

It’s amazing how lazy some of the authors of phishing attacks can be: