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The Perfect Recursive Blog Post 1

Martin Robbins has written the perfect Russian doll of an article about science reporting. A veritable texticle among texticles. Read: “This is a news website article about a scientific paper” And the comments are equally meta.

Life Imitating Art 1

A couple of days back, I was looking at the work of Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh, whose work has often examined themes of individuality and identity in a crowded society. (Click these images to enlarge them, if you like) Here’s a close-up of the base of that plinth – And then, the very next […]

Godless Castors 2

While scouting around for some wheels to fit a media trolley I’m building, I came upon this unmissable offer: Needless to say, I ordered a pack of four forthwith. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

A Research Goldmine at the National Portrait Gallery 4

A couple of years back, I was having a good old moan about The National Portrait Gallery website, and its pathetically small images. The good news is that The NPG site has had a complete makeover recently, and you can find large versions of just about all their stock of images. That’s only a part […]

Articles and, er, Particles…. 0

Sometimes I get so immersed in researching a subject, in finding, assembling and optimising the accompanying pictures, in writing and re-writing text and checking links, that trying to do a “proper job” post ends up being a long and drawn out chore. Not a good state of affairs. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and […]