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The Perfect Recursive Blog Post 1

Martin Robbins has written the perfect Russian doll of an article about science reporting. A veritable texticle among texticles. Read: “This is a news website article about a scientific paper” And the comments are equally meta.

The New Yorker Magazine Cover for 5th July 2010 0

“After Escher: Gulf Sky and Water” by Bob Staake (Please click this image to enlarge it) More New Yorker covers here.

New Edition of Richard Williams’ “The Animator’s Survival Kit” 0

Veteran animator Richard Williams has updated his classic guide for animators, to include additional material on animal action, invention and realism. The new version is called The Expanded Edition. He was recently interviewed in BBC Radio 4′s “Midweek” programme. Listen to his 10 minute interview here: _________________________________________________________________________

Hello Again! I’ve Been Missing You Too…. 0

Click the image to make it bigger, please. (It’s a rare picture of the Articles and Texticles aesthetics committee, scrutinising a submission from an artist hoping to have his work hung on this site…) Articles and Texticles is now functioning (almost) normally after changing web hosting company. Yippee, I say. It was a somewhat fraught […]

Colin Stimpson’s Panoramic Header Picture 4

I’m really happy that my friend and (near) neighbour Colin Stimpson, has kindly sent a panoramic picture from his forthcoming book, Germs!, and it’s now joined the randomised collection of pictures in the header of this blog. If you were a patient sort of person, you could repeatedly press [Ctrl] 1 + F5 to force […]

Holy Cao! 0

You might remember that I posted some drawings by Jose Maria Cao almost exactly a year ago. As you’ll see from the recent comments in that post, Julio Mauricio Neveleff, curator of the Cao exhibition and author of the catalogue, kindly offered to send me the exhibition catalogue. I’m really happy to say it arrived […]

Naomi Klein Wins Award for “The Shock Doctrine” 0

[flv][/flv] The video above is an illustration of the central argument contained in Naomi Klein‘s book, “The Shock Doctrine“, in which she asserts that governments exploit the state of shock suffered by populations after traumatic disasters, to force through measures that would be unpalatable or strongly resisted in calmer times. Now, eighteen months after publication, […]

The Diagram Prize 0

Every year, The Bookseller magazine organises a search for odd published book titles. This year, the strangest contender so far is “Baboon Metaphysics”, by Dorothy L Cheney & Robert M Seyfarth… (Read on) >>

Tatsuyuki Tanaka – Cannabis Works 10

(Click all these small images to enlarge them, please….) Tatsuyuki Tanaka, the animator from 4c Studios whose first major job was key animator on Akira (1988), has a folio of work from his 2003 graphic novel / manga “Cannabis Works” on view at Digik Gallery. Aside from enjoying the masterly draughtsmanship evident in all his […]

Lost And Found – Studio AKA’s Shot at Christmas TV Short Prize 10

(Click to enlarge all these images, please) What’s a boy supposed to do when a penguin turns up at the door? Take it back to Antarctica of course. This might mean having to row it all the way back…. Just don’t ask how it arrived in the first place, that’s all…. Above all, do not […]