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Gobelins Students’ Films At Annecy Animation Festival – 8th June 2

Ye it’s that time of year again, when the 2nd year students of the Gobelins School of Communication in Paris put their films on show at the Annecy Animation Festival. The students work in small crews, concentrating only on the production of their group film. No essays, dissertations or other academic distractions. There is intense […]

Wall To Wall Wallpaper 8

If there’s any truth in the slugline of this blog: “The Art that feeds animation“, then I think these images of historic wallpapers are excellent examples of the aesthetic river that has flowed uninterrupted into the deep pool of animation art. Paper Panoramas This post focuses on a small but important product of the wallpaper […]

Tony Trimmer – Greenpeace Short: “Coal Finger” 0

Tony Trimmer has collaborated with Blue Zoo to produce this timely and tongue-in-cheeky viral for Greenpeace UK. My name is Green…. Graverson Green. (Click to enlarge, as usual) Greenpeace states: We’ve unleashed our own special agent Graverson Green to expose the plot of Coalfinger and his carbon cronies who are planning to cover the world […]

Unintended Consequences: ID Cards’ Contribution To Domestic Violence 0

There’s an interesting interplay of various brands of fear at work in this video. Would it work better without the sinister background drone? Will life be better for women with vindictive ex-partners? Link to NO2ID Link to Women’s Aid (Via The Daily Irrelevant) _______________________________________________________________________

Animated Characters Re-animated 6

(Click to enlarge ) Homer Simpson re-animated by Pixeloo It becomes more and more difficult to draw a clear line between animation and reality, especially when artists like Pixeloo keep pushing fantasy figures (like Homer here) back over the fantasy / reality border. Pixeloo is a Photoshop expert by day, who spends a lot of […]

£25,000 Prize Waiting – Only Figurative Painters Need Apply 0

The Mall Galleries, London, are waiting for the public’s vote in order to decide the winner of The Threadneedle Figurative Painting Prize. From an initial pool of 2,700 entries, 71 pictures have now been selected for final judging, with 7 works shortlisted for the prize. The final decision rests with the public, though, who can […]

With Friends Like This… (Updated) 0

Who needs enemies? Just seven pages long but classified as “UK Top Secret”, this latest intelligence assessment on al-Qaeda is so sensitive that every document is numbered and marked “for UK/US/Canadian and Australian eyes only”, according to our correspondent. According to reports, this document may have contained details of names of individuals or locations which […]