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Big Bang, Big Boom. It’s BLU Again! 1

The crew at BLUBLU.org have found some sponsors who appear to have hundreds of litres of paint at their disposal. The team are really stretching their ideas by the bucketload, too. It’s an amazing amount of work, as you will see from browsing the website. Have a look at BLU’s many works here, and if […]

Life.Turns: Animating a Cast of a Thousand Strangers 5

(Click this image to see the eight required poses for contributors) There’s a collaborative animation project gathering momentum at blipfoto during the Edinburgh Festival. The idea is that thousands of participants upload photos of family and friends one by one, posed in one of eight poses that together make up an animated walk cycle. The […]

Sylvain Chomet’s Sale of Key Drawings at Arludik 1

Follow this link to see a gallery of drawings from “The Illusionist”. (You might find that these drawings and paintings move into the tab marked “Artists” when the current exhibition is replaced. Look for the thumbnail image for “L’Illusionniste”) The site uses Flash, so give up all hope of good navigation. Here’s one of the […]

Sylvain Chomet Interview With Matthew Sweet on Radio 4 0

(Click to enlarge, as usual) Still from Django Films “The Illusionist” “The Film Programme” on BBC Radio 4 featured an interview with the show’s presenter, Matthew Sweet, and the director of “The Illusionist, Sylvain Chomet. Here’s the link to the programme – the interview is the first item on the agenda.  You can listen to […]

Second Day of Gobelins Student Films at the Annecy Festival 0

The second film to be shown at the Annecy Animation Festival, made by the 2nd year students at Gobelins school is called “Soapy Trip”. Here’s a sequence of screenshots. You can enlarge by clicking on them.- The crew were: Théo Boubounelle, Chloé Bury, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Claire Fauvel, and Vincent Nghiem. See the movie in […]

Gobelins Student Films at 2010 Annecy Animated Film Festival 1

For the past eight years, the second year students at the Gobelins School of Communication in Paris have worked in small teams to provide the opening shorts for screening sessions at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival & Market that takes place every year in early June. This year’s opener is a short called M.Eustache, […]

Stills From Sylvain Chomet’s “The Illusionist” 1

(Please click these images to enlarge them.) This is a random assortment of images in no particular order, so please don’t read it as if it were a storyboard! ‘The Illusionist’ premiered some time ago, at the Berlinale Film Festival (February 16th, 2010) I love the art direction of these images. They are centred on […]

Alma 0

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo. A delightfully dark short by Rodrigo Blaas and a mostly Spanish crew that’s won a slew of festival awards. Full credits on the website here. __________________________________________________________________

New Edition of Richard Williams’ “The Animator’s Survival Kit” 0

Veteran animator Richard Williams has updated his classic guide for animators, to include additional material on animal action, invention and realism. The new version is called The Expanded Edition. He was recently interviewed in BBC Radio 4′s “Midweek” programme. Listen to his 10 minute interview here: _________________________________________________________________________

Two Colour Keys From “Snowballs” 6

A little explanation: “Snowballs” was the original working title for “Balto“. These two keys show the interior of a gold dredging machine in Nome, Alaska. The quality isn’t great because they are from colour copies, but the vision is spot on. Click ‘em to enlarge ‘em folks! Workshop interior. Gold dredger interior. Production designer Hans […]