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Big Bang, Big Boom. It’s BLU Again! 1

The crew at BLUBLU.org have found some sponsors who appear to have hundreds of litres of paint at their disposal. The team are really stretching their ideas by the bucketload, too. It’s an amazing amount of work, as you will see from browsing the website. Have a look at BLU’s many works here, and if […]

Extreme Typographic Fandom & A Curiously Star Struck Dog 2

You probably have at least one favourite typeface, and I’m pretty sure that you’re likely to favour a dozen or so others that you can happily deploy depending on context and use, of course. Now some of your stable of old faithful faces will eventually amble quietly out to pasture beyond your studio door, either […]

Animated Wall Paintings by BLU 1

Absolutely extraordinary. MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo. Link to the artist’s website…

Jose Maria Cao – Caricaturist 5

Guillermo White in “Caras y Caretas” 1906 (Click the pictures to enlarge them, please.) A brief bio of Seňor Cao reveals that he was born in the North-East of Spain (Galicia) in December 1862. He showed a precocious talent for drawing, and from a very early age put his artistic talents to use in a […]