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A Couple of Layouts & Backgrounds 2

While fossicking around the studio, trying to find an old colour photocopy of the mystery Hawaiian project posted here a few days ago, I came across some old layouts for a direct to video production based on the Lion King. The film was called “Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable” and much of the animation […]

Wall To Wall Wallpaper 8

If there’s any truth in the slugline of this blog: “The Art that feeds animation“, then I think these images of historic wallpapers are excellent examples of the aesthetic river that has flowed uninterrupted into the deep pool of animation art. Paper Panoramas This post focuses on a small but important product of the wallpaper […]

Nocturna Meets The Light Of Day 3

Do please click the little thumbnails so as to see large versions of the pictures. The long awaited animated feature Nocturna, from Animakids and Filmax, has had its debût in Spain this weekend, and cinemagoers in France will be able to enjoy it next week. The film boasts some beautiful artwork, especially in the backgrounds […]

TekkonKinkreet Background Paintings 4

I found these beautiful background paintings in Tekkon Kinkreet, a full length feature film derived from Taiyo Matsumoto’s manga `Black & White´. (Click the thumbnails to enlarge them) Here’s an enormous digitally drawn layout:- There’s a gallery here, some trailers here, and more info below the fold.>>