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Hans Bacher’s Latest New Blog (Relaunched) (Again) (Once More) (etc.,) 0

Hans has taken a radical (and timely) step with this new version of his blog. Yes, he’s moved over to using WordPress instead of Blogger, and that means he won’t be penalised as he formerly was for putting tons of images in his posts. The more the merrier, please, Hans! In one of his posts, […]

Hans Bacher’s Coming Up 502′s and 404′s 1

I’m getting nothing but server errors and page not founds when trying to connect to Hans Bacher’s swathe of blogs. Has he had another of his famous hissy fits with Blogger? Will he bounce back with yet another cleverly named blog? I hope so. I’ll let you know if I find anything. Meanwhile, this gives […]

My New Weblog 0

Working with animation students in the 21st Century is so far removed from my own experience of art education in the previous century. A large part of my lecturing work is delivered on screens of various sizes, and I necessarily have to refer to extra resources that only exist online, as well as recommending old […]