Hans Bacher’s Latest New Blog (Relaunched) (Again) (Once More) (etc.,)

Hans has taken a radical (and timely) step with this new version of his blog. Yes, he’s moved over to using WordPress instead of Blogger, and that means he won’t be penalised as he formerly was for putting tons of images in his posts.

The more the merrier, please, Hans!

thumbnail of Bambi rock #1

thumbnail of Bambi rock #2

In one of his posts, Hans examines the usefulness of dull and muted colours in backgrounds, and analyses these two shots of a rock from Bambi. (Click to enlarge)

That’s one of the things I really like about Hans’s writing; that he can illuminate huge fields of film aesthetics just by concentrating on a couple of rocks. The world in a grain of sand.

His blog has been added to the sidebar blogroll. Again. :)


Hans Bacher’s Coming Up 502’s and 404’s

I’m getting nothing but server errors and page not founds when trying to connect to Hans Bacher’s swathe of blogs.

Has he had another of his famous hissy fits with Blogger? Will he bounce back with yet another cleverly named blog? I hope so. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Meanwhile, this gives me the perfect excuse to use one of Apelad‘s witty illustrations from his Flickr set on Server Errors.

thumbnail of 404
File Not Found 404

My New Weblog

Working with animation students in the 21st Century is so far removed from my own experience of art education in the previous century.

A large part of my lecturing work is delivered on screens of various sizes, and I necessarily have to refer to extra resources that only exist online, as well as recommending old fashioned printed books for further study.

So, in order to shorten the time spent in remembering and scribbling down URLs on scrappy bits of paper at the end of each session, I’ve decided to create a sort of huge online linkdump, organised into material suited to the three different years students that I teach.

thumbnail of Ravensbourne Animation Hub
(Please click the thumbnail to enlarge it)

All the animation students are encouraged to maintain their own personal study blogs.
With the advent of YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion (and many others) it has become laughably easy for them to share their line tests, animatics and blockouts with their peers and tutors.

The third year students work co-operatively to produce their final year films, and they maintain group blogs which they use as repositories for all the material they use in their projects; Visual research, Mood boards, production timelines & schedules and so on.

These production blogs are equivalent to the journals that the degree programme stipulates for assessment, so they are marked accordingly. However, the extraordinary benefit that arises when compared to a paper document journal, is not just the extra dimension offered by embedded audio visual media, but the ability to share the experience of making a film as it is being made.

So, I’ve taken the hint, and started a student focused blog at WordPress.com, the company that offers free hosting to over one and three quarter million blogs (a figure that’s rising fast).
WordPress has the ability to behave like a static website as well as a journal style blog at the same time, which suits my purpose of storing links and resources targeted at three different student groups.
It’s early days yet, but I will sort out my masses of lecture notes and get wads of useful info up on the new site / blog, in the next few days.

It gives me the idea that I might just do something similar here at Articles & Texticles.