Colin Stimpson’s Panoramic Header Picture

thumbnail of Colin Stimpson's Charge of The Germs

I’m really happy that my friend and (near) neighbour Colin Stimpson, has kindly sent a panoramic picture from his forthcoming book, Germs!, and it’s now joined the randomised collection of pictures in the header of this blog.

If you were a patient sort of person, you could repeatedly press [Ctrl] 1 + F5 to force the page to refresh, and serve you a new header image each time. But because the selection of sixty pictures is truly randomised, you might have to wait a long time.

So, to make it a bit easier for you, either click on the thumbnail picture above, or scroll down the right hand side of this page till you reach the bottom of the Header Images Thumbnail Gallery, and click number 061.

I’d always be happy to show other artists’ work in the header, with a linked credit, if you have something you think would be suitable for the panning background style stretched letterbox format.
The actual dimensions are 1000 x 175. Send ’em in!


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Bibliodyssey In Print

thumbnail of Front Cover

If you ever take your mouse for a walk over the blogroll links at the top left of this page, you will meet the link for Bibliodyssey, which is an extraordinary treasure trove of printed illustrative material, assembled for your delight by PK, (also yclept peacay), and occasionally known as Paul K.

The good news is that PK has been working on a book showing many of the printed treasures he has fossicked on the net, which will soon be published and marketed by FUEL publishing.

I visit the site regularly, and part of the reason why I like it so much is because it is so hard to define.
It’s the best kind of hotchpotch, or miscellany of pictures. You might see a series of designs for 18th Century French fortresses, a collection of beautifully coloured butterflies from Brazil, or etchings of strange costumes worn by South sea islanders.

PK works very hard to assemble the collections of pictures that he has unearthed in obscure university libraries, or scraped from unsearchable databases.

He always takes pride in presenting his discoveries at a high level of quality. If there are stains and stamps on the originals, they are sensitively cleaned up, and if he meets the horrible and detestable “Zoomify” image “enhancer” , he will circumvent its nasty interface and take multiple screengrabs which he laboriously reassembles so we, the visitors, can see the pictures large and pristine.

As a fellow image truffler, I take my hat off to the man’s tenacity at always managing to prise the pictures from the grasp of niggardly webmasters and rulebound library administrators who can make the hunt for printed arcana such a struggle.

PK has very kindly helped me to gather and re-assemble pictures that were presented by the server as multi image “slices”, for which I publicly repeat my thanks to him. (Yay, peacay!).

Here is a selection of some of the choice items I’ve saved from Bibliodyssey over the past couple of years.
They include some beautiful hand painted pictures of bamboos from an ancient Japanese botanical book, several miniature maquettes and concept paintings from an archive of theatrical and masonic ceremonial backdrops, and some rare illustrations of plants from an early Brasilian flora.

I am sure that you will soon discover your own batch of well presented pictures.
(Please click on the small thumbnails below if you want to enlarge them.)

thumbnail of Bamboo
Japanese Bamboo Book from Tokyo Museum

thumbnail of More Bamboo
Japanese Bamboo Book from Tokyo Museum

thumbnail of Curtain
Theatre Curtain

thumbnail of Watercolour design sketch
Watercolour design sketch.

thumbnail of Masonic Ritual 3D Maquette
Masonic Ritual 3D Maquette.

thumbnail of Decorative Front Curtain Design
Decorative Front Curtain Design.

thumbnail of Horsetail

thumbnail of Cinchona
Link: Bibliodyssey

Naomi Klein’s `The Shock Doctrine´

A powerful and nut-grabbing short publicising Naomi Klein’s new book:`The Shock Doctrine´.
The book examines economist Milton Friedman’s idea that governments can push normally unpalatable trade agendas onto their electorates in the immediate aftermath of shocking events. She thoroughly debunks the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically.

The publicity short was produced by The Foreign Office.

Watch it here in Quicktime, large (164Mb) and medium (19Mb), and if you really want to, in Windows media, big (224Mb) and middling (24Mb).

thumbnail of The Shock Doctrine

thumbnail of The Shock Doctrine

thumbnail of The Shock Doctrine

thumbnail of The Shock Doctrine

Banksy isn’t actually credited as art director here, but my, how his influence is visible.

The Guardian has created a mini-site for the launch of this book. There are four pages of excerpts, here, here, here, and here.

And a YouTube version here.