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Colin Stimpson’s Panoramic Header Picture 4

I’m really happy that my friend and (near) neighbour Colin Stimpson, has kindly sent a panoramic picture from his forthcoming book, Germs!, and it’s now joined the randomised collection of pictures in the header of this blog. If you were a patient sort of person, you could repeatedly press [Ctrl] 1 + F5 to force […]

Bibliodyssey In Print 0

If you ever take your mouse for a walk over the blogroll links at the top left of this page, you will meet the link for Bibliodyssey, which is an extraordinary treasure trove of printed illustrative material, assembled for your delight by PK, (also yclept peacay), and occasionally known as Paul K. The good news […]

Naomi Klein’s `The Shock Doctrine´ 3

A powerful and nut-grabbing short publicising Naomi Klein’s new book:`The Shock Doctrine´. The book examines economist Milton Friedman’s idea that governments can push normally unpalatable trade agendas onto their electorates in the immediate aftermath of shocking events. She thoroughly debunks the myth that the global free market triumphed democratically. The publicity short was produced by […]